Magcon/5SOS/1D Imagines

Hey guys
This is my first book of imagines.I am taking requests so just let me know if you want one.



1. Carter imagine

It was yours and Carter's 2 year anniversary.You woke up to find a note but no Carter.


Dear y/n,

Happy anniversary baby.Its been a wonderful two years.I will back around 6:30 tonight pick you up dress casual.





It was 7:30 in the morning and you had to get ready for work.You were a waitress at the local diner.You got to work and it was super busy.You didn't care you were in a amazing mood and nothing could change that.When you got home it was 5:30 so you had an hour till Carter showed up.You took a shower and when you got out you put on a dress that was not too dressy but not to slobby.You curled your hair and put on some blush,mascara,eye liner, and some silver eyeshadow.There was then a knock on the door where Carter was standing."You look amazing" he told you before pulling you in for a hug."You look good too and you could have just walked in this is also your house" you told him."Yeah but it's more romantic this way" he told you.He was wearing a light blue dress shirt with a tie and skinny jeans with a pair of jordans."Ok let's go" he said grabbing your hand pulling you to his car.After about and hour of driving you arrived a beautiful field with fairy lights and a picnic."Aw Carter did you do all this by your self" you ask him."No I kinda got help from Matt" he told you.After the wonderful picnic Carter got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful engagement ring."Y/N from the moment I first laid eyes on you I was in love with you.When you agreed to go out with me I was so happy and I knew we would be together forever so will you do me the honor of marrying me" he asked and you just stood there with tears running down your face nodding like crazy.He stood up,put the ring on your finger and gave you a huge hug."I love Mrs. Reynolds" he said kissing you."I love you too Mr. Reynolds" you said back.

One year later you and Carter were the proud parents of Jamie Marie Reynolds,Alice Violet Reynolds, and Alexander Thomas Reynolds.Of which Mathew and his girlfriend Liz were the good parents which was the least you could do for him helping Carter set up the picnic the night he proposed.

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