Magcon/5SOS/1D Imagines

Hey guys
This is my first book of imagines.I am taking requests so just let me know if you want one.



6. Calum Imagine For Vashti

You and Calum were best friends ever since you both were in diapers.You just broke up with your boyfriend and your heart was broken so Calum decided to have a sleepover to get your mind off of him."Vashti hurry up,your gonna miss the movie" Calum called from you living room.You just got a text from you ex-boyfriend wanting to get back together.You were so happy you just had to tell Calum."Calum guess what" you shouted running out of the kitchen."What's up Vashti" he asked suddenly happy to see you so happy.Justin just texted me and he wants to get back together" you told him as his smile turned into a frown."Whats wrong Cal" you asked him."Nothing it's just your not getting back together are you" he asked."Yes why" you asked."Because he's just going to break your heart again" he said raising his voice."I love him Calum and he loves me" you said raising your voice too."Well I love you more" he said back before he released what he just said and covered his mouth."What did you just say Calum" you said lowering your voice."I love you Vashti I have ever since we were kids,but I didn't want to ruin our friendship" Calum told you."Cal I love you too always have always will I was just to scared to tell you too" you told him."So what do you say, Vashti will you be my girlfriend" he asked hopefully."Of course Cal-Pal" you said giving him a kiss sending the butterflies in his stomach to be set free.You finally got your Prince Charming and could live happily ever after.

A/N:Hope you enjoyed it Vashti.Sorry it took me a while too post I didn't have internet and I was sick so I couldn't post anything.But I wrote this in french class cause the idea just magical appeared in my head.😄

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