One Step Forward

One girl who went from grins to tears is on a journy to avenge her suffering, but not just her own, the ones that suffered along with her. Follow her journey with Furra and see if she prevales.


3. The girl who found

      When I left, it was about noon. In was the beginning of spring, right after a harsh winter, so it was still only about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but I like the cold, so it didn't really bother me, even though my outfit was a short-shirt, and a pair of camouflage shorts.
     I started humming to myself, the same tune as earlier. All of the sudden, a nearby bush started rustling.  If I stay silent, I might be able to figure out what that was, I mean, I've always been able to sense the presence of other  beings, and usually identify who they are. I closed my eyes. I focused on the area around me.  Let's see.... Hmm... A rabbit, a chipmunk.... And.... Bingo! " Who are you?" I said. As I expected, a man stood up. "I am Kasendatsu Sutauoka." The man said. Interesting, so this is the sword master that Kokechi sent me to train with. I expected an old guy, but this guy.... This guy is in his twenties atleast! He also looks a lot different than I expected too. He has long dirty blond hair in a ponytail on the back of his head, green eyes, and he's kinda good looking too. He was wear long-shorts, a black tanktop, and a red bandanna on his forhead. I cleared my voice. "So, your the man that Kokechi sent me to train under. I thought I was suppose to meet you at the gate of your village, not at the mid-way point.""YOU'RE THE KID IM TRAINING? I THOUGHT IT WAS A BOY?!" He said.  Oh great.... Well... This should be interesting. I rolled my eyes. "Kokechi didn't say I was a girl. Well, do you have a problem with that, sensei?" I said while holding back a small amount of laughter. "No not at all, it's just that well... You are training with someone else... A boy your age, named Furrashumizu, or, Furra. It's just that, now that I know your a girl, I've realized that for a while, training is gonna be hell." He said. Crap, I don't get along with other people as it is, having to work with someone for the next 2 years is not gonna be easy...." Well, we should probably get going, the sooner training starts, the sooner I can get revenge."I said, half to myself, half to sensei. He looked at me in a strange, disapproving way, but we began walking toward the village.
     "Oh, your long hair is going to get in the way, you should cut it." Said Kasen sensei. I know what he means, but my hair is the only thing that I have that was still there when my parents died. "Oh, I understand." I said gloomily. I took a pocket knife out of my bag, and then I sliced my hair near the top. Now it was barely down to my shoulders.
     "Alright, we're here!" Sensei said. I looked around. Man, this place is nice. It's so big! Well, bigger than my house atleast. I kept looking and noticed a boy around my age. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, and some sweatpants too. His hair was short and black, and his eyes where a shade of sunset orange. Hmm, so this is the guy I'm gonna be working with, and just by the look he's giving me, I already don't like him. I sighed, and then swallowed my pride." So, you're Furra? Nice to meet you."  Not really.... He rolled his eyes. "And who the hell are you?" He said. "Well I know I'm gonna be a bitch if you keep that attitude with me. Anyway, I'm Kushimo, the girl your gonna be training with for the next two years." I said. "You've gotta be kidding me sensei! My opponet, it's... It's a girl!" He said. Opponet? What does he mean? I gave sensei a dirty look. "What did you forget to tell me?!" I said. “Well…. Before we start any training, you guys have to go through 3 challenges. You know, to prove your worthy and all.” said Kasen sensei. I rolled my eyes. “The whole point of this training is to make us worthy to wield a sword, not some stupid ‘are you worthy?’ cliché.” I said. Furra looked at me, he was a little surprised. Wow, maybe my little speech there made him realize Im not just some stupid-ass girl. “Ok, let me rephrase that, I want you to go through these challenges to see if you’re ready for my training.” Kasen sensei said. The mood suddenly got serious. Okay, I see his point, but come on! “Alright, then let’s just get them over with.” Furra said before I could even speak. Yeah, I understand. It is a better idea than arguing at least. I mean, the faster we get through these challenges, the faster we can start training.
                “Alright, the first challenge is to lift that stone using shinteki, or, psychic ability. Im not giving you any clues on how to use it, because I know you two have heard the name before, and I can sense a strong presence of that ability within the both of you. You must work together for this challenge, understand? “Said Kasen sensei. He’s right, I have heard that somewhere. But where…. “Alright I’ll leave you to it. You may take as much time as you need. Geez, I’ve gotta admit, Im a bit nervous, I mean, what if not ready? Well, I’ll just have to find out how “Alright, do you have an idea how to use shinteki?” I asked Furra. “Im not really sure, how ‘bout you?” he asked. “Well, if know anything about physic ability, is that you have to have complete concentration. We have to focus on the center of the stone, so let’s use something to mark the center of the stone.” I said. I was actually kinda surprised at my own idea. “Alright, that makes enough sense, I mean; it falls into the category of PKST, so that might work. Wait, you know what that means, right?” asked Furra. “Of course I do. There is PKLT, PKMT, and of course, PKST. PKLT is the power to effect living objects, PKMT is the power to effect moving objects, and PKST is the power to effect static, or, non-moving objects.” I said. Furra seemed a bit surprised. “Alright, well let’s hurry up. Geez, I was just asking if you knew, not could you explain why the world exists “said Furra. I think he’s mad because I said something smart.
                I found some berries in the woods and made a red paint out of them. I marked the center of the stone. I sat down next to Furra, who was waiting patiently. “Alright, just focus on the center of the stone where the mark is. Picture in your head the stone rising up, literally will it to rise of the ground.” I said. Furra nodded. We began concentrating. I can feel sensei watching, that either means we’re doing good, or we’re screwing something up really bad.  Usually screw up, but I think for once Im doing something right.
                I think we’ve been concentrating for over an hour, and still nothing, although, I am starting to feel a pressure, that’s good. “Hey, Kushimo, you feel the pressure too, right?” asked Furra silently. “Yes, I think we’re on the right track, try willing it a bit harder, we’re close, I know it.” I responded silently. “right.” Furra said.
                At this point, sweat is now beading on my forehead. I began imagining the stone lifting, making myself believing it is. The pressure began to get stronger, so obviously we’re doing something. I began willing it harder and harder, until eventually, the feeling of pressure became light headedness. I opened my eyes; the stone had lifted off the ground and is now hovering about 5 feet off of it. Furra had opened his eyes as well. “Very good you two, I expected no less. Furra, I would like you to break your concentration off the stone, Im curios to see if Kushimo is able to hold it on her own.” Said sensei. Oh great. Im already light headed, no need to make it worse, but then again, I might be able to do it. Furra did as sensei said. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, sensei and Furra know my secret, I had told them earlier. I regained my concentration. The stone was still hovering above the ground. I know, this counts as showing off, but my pride made me do it, I swear. I willed the stone higher, and then once again, held it in place. “Her concentration and ability are flawless” I heard one of them say, probably sensei. I could feel sweat dripping down my cheek, my light headedness getting worse. It was getting even harder to hold it up, only another minute before I drop it.
                Like I said, after about a minute, it fell to the ground, and I sit there catching my breath. “Kushimo, you and Furra with sleep in the cabin over there.” Sensei said, pointing to a large wood cabin.” It only has one bedroom, but with two beds on opposite sides of the room. It has two fully functional bathrooms, and a kitchen with food.” Continued sensei. I was really out of it because I didn’t realize sensei took my hand and helped me to my feet. “okay.” Said me and Furra.
                We began to walk toward the cabin, and sensei was already in his house. I suddenly felt the sensation of falling. I blacked out. Anyway, Im pretty sure Furra expected that, because he caught me. He carried me to the cabin, and the laid me down on one of the beds. I fell into a deep sleep.
                “Why am I in a black room?” I asked. Everything was moving around me, shifting dark colors, and then, my mom appeared in the distance. “MOM!” I yelled. I started running towards her, but she just kept getting farther away as I ran towards her, but never far enough that I couldn’t see her smile. The one smile that forgives. The one that says it’s okay. But it wasn’t. “Mom, no!” I screamed in horror as I watched a sword pierce her chest. She fell to the ground and dissolved into thin air.  I could feel the tears falling down my face. I was absolutely livid because I already knew who would be at the other end of that sword. “Tenshi.” I said calmly, but you could almost feel the hatred in my words. I was starting to remember what had happened seven years ago. “So sister, I see that you have finally come out of your sweet little cover-up and have decided to show your true colors. I mean, come on, I can see the bloodlust in your eyes. You want to kill me, don’t you?” said Tenshi with a sick grin. I got angrier, but I kept my cool. “I see you haven’t changed sister. And yeah, so what, I still have a heart and a soul like any other human, and that is my reason for my hatred, but it seems you have lost all sense of humanity, because even the most cold-blooded killers experience a moment of hesitance before they kill, but you…. You just do it. You do it without any thought at all. You are the one of us who has come out of their sweet little shell.” I said, barely reframing myself from coming after her now. “Well anyway sister, I bid you farewell, I have some business to take care of with my master, Kuraisora.” She said as she disappeared. I woke up.
                I sat up so fast I almost hit my head with Kasen sensei’s. “Im sorry, I didn’t see you there, sensei.” I said. So it was a dream? But it felt so real. No. it was real. I really did speak to Tenshi even if it was a dream. “It’s alright, Kushimo, you didn’t even open your eyes yet. And I not surprised, Furra said you looked like you were having a bad dream so he came to get me, and as I thought, you had a fever, but it died down, probably from overworking yourself.” Said sensei with a smile. “Yeah, and you kept me up almost all night, and I had to carry you when you passed out.” Said an annoyed, half asleep Furra. I still felt angry for what my sister said last night. “Are you okay?” asked sensei. I was so deep in thought I didn’t even realize that I had clentched both my fists into a tight ball. “Yeah.” I said, using a smile to conceal the truth, but I guess it didn’t work, because sensei looked at me with worried eyes. “Oh, and sensei, do you know anyone by the name of Kuraisora?” I asked. Sensei’s face went pale. “Yes, I do,” said sensei gravely. “He’s a man with the ambition to have the power of a demon… and my brother.” Continued sensei. Well now it looks like I have no choice but to tell them the dream I had. I told them. “So, I was right, you are Tenshi’s younger sister. Your sister was a kind and beautiful young girl.” Said sensei. I couldn’t help but remember the tears in her eyes as she left me for dead. “What I don’t get is why your sister is working with him, because she has the blood of a demon as well, so wouldn’t he have harvested it by now?” asked Furra. “No, her powers a nothing compared to mine. She’s only stronger because she has harnessed them. And I think she’s planning to double-cross him if I ever managed to fall into his hands, because as well as him, she wants the full power.” I said. I can’t help but wonder if that’s really the truth. But why? Why would she kill her family for my power? “I see what you mean.” Said Furra. I could tell that even Furra was concerned, even as much as he didn’t like me.
                “Well, you two, we should probably send you to the next challenge.” Said sensei. The real challenge is about to begin.

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