One Step Forward

One girl who went from grins to tears is on a journy to avenge her suffering, but not just her own, the ones that suffered along with her. Follow her journey with Furra and see if she prevales.


2. The girl who didnt know

        Kushimo was on her daily rounds to buy fruit for her mother. On her way around, she passed a few of her neighbors. She greeted them and continued on. Just as her mother had asked she bought fruit with the gold coins she was given. She spent the rest of her money for some candy in a nearby shop.
        She ran home to find her mother waiting in the doorway for her to return. She looked nothing like her mother, for she had dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. The total opposite of her. Kushimo took more after her father, whoms hair was black, and had brown eyes. Her mothers name is Hachimitsu, And Ishuoka was that of her fathers.
         "Kushimo dear!" Her mother shouted. "Your father needs your help carrying urns of water from the river, could you please help him?" "Sure!" Was Kushimo's response.
        Kushimo ran down ran down to the river. She found her father standing next to two full urns of water. "Mommy said you need help carrying these, so I came to help daddy!" I.... I mean Kushimo said. "Oh really? that's very nice sweetheart, but are you sure you can lift one?" He said, slightly chuckling to himself. "Of course I can daddy! I'm strong!" Was Kushimo's response. As she tried to lift it up, it suddenly became light." Need help with that?" Said a sweet voice she would recognize anywhere. "Munarashi!" Said Kushimo with delight. Munarashi was her brother, whom she loved more than herself. "I'll carry that for you, princess." Said her brother. She blushed. "Brother! You know I'm not a princess! Why call me that?" Said Kushimo. Her brother put down the urn. "But you are!" said Munarashi as he picked her up. "And I am your noble steed." Continued her brother as he started to give her a piggy-back ride home. She was giggling beyond belief. Back in the distance she heard her father shout "I've got things handled here!" With a grin of his face.
Kushimo played with her brother for a while, then she decided to go look for her sister, Tenshi. She asked her mother where she could find her, but apparently she was out of town for her journalist job. She was sad for a minute, but decided to go for a walk in the woods, which was a decision she rerated for a long time.
        She went to the peek of the tallest hill in the woods, not to far from her village. As she sat on the stop of the hill, she saw an orange glow settling on her village. The beautiful light of a sunset. Well although it looked like it, she soon heard the screams of dying people. Her village was being massacred. 
        She ran down the hill, tripped and twisted her ankle. Almost defiantly a sprain, but the pain was nothing, she just got up and kept running. It seemed as though the fire didn't reach her house from where she was, and she was correct. But what she didn't know is that the people that where starting the fire had.
         She saw her house in the distance. As she started running toward it, she saw her mothers face in the window, mouthing three words over and over. Those three words were "Goodbye, I'm sorry." The house was blown to bits.
        She was unconscious for a moment, only to wake up with a sword to her neck. "So sister, this is were you die, but first you probably want to know why. Is that correct?" Said her sister, Tenshi. This was not the sister she knew and loved. Tenshi would never do this. But she is. Kushimo swallowed, and while shaking, she slowly nodded her head. "that's what I thought. I shouldn't have even asked. Have you always wondered why your eyes are red? And why you mother always made you wear blue eye contacts when you're in town? Its because you are a demon. 4/5s to be exact. Down your fathers bloodline, a demon was brought into the family. Your great great grandmother fell in love with a demon, and bared his child. Although he was kind, that doesn't mean you will be. The blood of a demon grants great power. The bloodline skipped a few generations. Until you and I were born. Although I was born long before you, 1/5 of that blood was infused with my own, and since I want that power for myself, I cant have you living and getting in my way." She said. Kushimo had tears flooding down her cheek. Why her she thought. She looked her sister in the eye, only to see sadness. That was the last thing she saw before Tenshi slashed the blade across her chest. She fell into a deep blackness, only to be woken up by the familiar voice of her best friend Rozu. They told her her entire family was dead. The remaining villagers knew her secret. Few hated her for it, because they knew it wasnt her fault. The one thing her sister forgot to mention was that her real name was Jigokushimo, not kushimo. Her name was translated to Hellfrost, and illigal word, so they continued calling her Kushimo.
        She wanted to become stronger, so she could face her sister, so she began trying to teach herself how to use the sword her father was suppose to pass down to her. It was the only thing not destroyed in the explosion, but she gave up.
        If you hadn't noticed, I once called Kushimo "I". For this is a story about myself, Jigokushimo Hinotori.

                                                        (7 years later)

        "Step by step I walk in the snow. Drip by drip my blood is aflow. Day by day memories cut like a knife. Night by night my demon comes back to life. I  am lost in a world full of monsters. And it feels like I've got another soul within myself full of darkness....."  I toward to morning sky. It was a lullaby that my mother sang to me seven years ago. As strange as the song is, it was oddly calming. It was almost like my mother was, once again, by my side. For my mother, and the rest of my family were massacred seven years earlier.
     Although I gave up using a sword, I began once again. I wasn't to bad actually, and the elder if my village, Kokechi, is even going to send me off to a famous sword user to teach me!
     "Kushimo, dear, its time to go." Said kokechi. She was so far into day dreaming about her journey, she forgot it was about to begin. 
      She put her long black hair in A braid, put on her teal short-shirt, and put on a pair of camo shorts. She was 14 now, and a girl, but she still wasn't to picky about how she will look.
     She grabbed her backpack, sword, and map, and ran off to me Kokechi at the village gate. As she found her there, she asked "Kokechi, are you sure this is the right choice. I mean f-for me to become a hero?". "Come come child, when the time comes you shall know your destiny." Said Kokechi.
     Just before I left, Rozu came. "Kushimo, I cant believe you're really going, please be carful!" She said. "Dont worry, I have quite a few things to deal with, meaning, no way am I going to die!" I said with pride.
     I hugged her than departed for the next village so I could become a sword fighter, for I am Jigokushimo Hinotori, the girl who didn't know she was a demon, but what she did know, is that her journey only just began.

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