One Step Forward

One girl who went from grins to tears is on a journy to avenge her suffering, but not just her own, the ones that suffered along with her. Follow her journey with Furra and see if she prevales.


1. Prologue

   Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She was beautiful. She had long black hair, and eyes as red as a fire in the night. At this time, she was young though, only 7, but her beauty was still that of a princess. She always sang toward the moon, and to the wolves, and as much as she sang to them, they sang back. Along with her beauty, she was smart for her age. She never really thought like most children her age did. Her name was Kushimo. Kushimo Hinotori. Well, atleast she thought it was, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. She was always happy,  and had the sweetest grin on her face. Well, atleast until the massacre of her family, and others in her village. It all started here.

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