Truth,Love,Lies and Betrayal

Becca Mckenzie is 25, pregnant and a widow, having been married only a year. She lost the love of her life and now she wants the truth and the only way she is going to get it, is by learning her husband's past. But will she get into danger and lose the one thing she is holding onto.


1. The Beginning of the End

2nd June 2015 – 1 month ago

“My sympathy on this terrible day, Ryan was an amazing person. If there is anything you need help with I’m here” Maria said trying not to make me fill even worse than I do right now. Come on, serious the love of my life was killed five days ago. I don’t know how. I don’t know why but I will not listen to another person telling me they are sorry for my loss, even if it is my family. I have had enough. My husband has lied to me about what he has been doing since we first met and this time I will find the truth.

“Becca, Becca wake up,” shouted my brother Kevin. I opened my eyes and saw my brother standing over me shouting my name. “Was it the same dream or should I say memory?”  “What are you doing? What are you talking about? I was finally getting some sleep” I answered. He looked at me in shock and replied “You have been tossing and turning and shouting out in your sleep for Ryan. Maria and I are worried about you, you’re not coping. It is too much for you and this baby, you need time.” I climb out of my bed and put my blue fluffy dressing gown on. “Why do you think I am trying to get as much rest as possible so I don’t have to face the real world. I am 25 years old and already a widow and what makes matters harder I am pregnant. So don’t tell me I am not coping, Brother. It has only been five days. I buried my husband, yesterday.”

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