Koroko girl

this is a girl named misaki kaito . she has very special powers she has many talents read it out find out what kind of powers


1. stranges things happen

That day should have been normal but now i see that it isn't , i know i must accept the truth but it’s hard to believe that i … me misaki kaito has the power to see people’s pain and feeling and even thoughts it’s crazy … me a lonely girl in middle school … having such weird powers … it’s terrible . “ that day i found out i wasn't normal .. i felt pain and happiness in a way .oh and sorry sora for making you listen to my crazy stories all the time  “ i sighed  heavily then he says something i didn't really hear it very clearly but it sounded like he said “ don’t worry , i like hearing you talk about your double life “ my eyes widen my lips were moving but no sound came out . sora then left leaving me by myself on the roof making me wonder why did he say that , i check the time on my watch that i had on my wrist “ 7:20 … mom isn't going to be happy if i come late again “ i sighed  and jumped off the roof . i know you people must think i’m crazy or i would die at that height you're wrong  completely  wrong . the height of my school which is 2 stories high isn’t even close to the height of my house  , my home is at least 5 ½ stories high . i run home almost falling twice . i unlock the door to my house smelling a sweet aurora i go to the kitchen “ mom , are you baking strawberry short cake again ? “ my mom didn’t answer  i became worried . “  Mom ? … Mom ??!!?  “ my mom didn’t answer but raised her head a bit   and mumbled “ dinner will be ready in 20 minutes go up stairs and get dressed into your pajamas “ my stomach started to growl again “ hurry up or no dessert for you “ i dashed away running up the stairs  quickly then got dressed after that i ran out my door almost fell down the stairs , i sigh heavily and went to the dining room sitting at the round glass table with  a large center piece in the middle of the table  . “ sugoi …. “  i mumble

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