Always Confused

Kenzie and Zayn have been a couple for as long as anyone can remember. They have their own house and love each other to no end.
But when Kenzie finds out something that will change their relationship forever, what is she going to do?


1. Meet Kenzie

I step into the dark forest, calling his name quietly. The only response I get, is a mysterious chuckle. I whirl around quickly, to find Zayn smirking at me with an amused expression. He opens his arms and I run to him to accept his embrace gleefully.  I pull back, careful not to break his touch. he looks completely and utterly beautiful.


I know the word beautiful is not usually use to describe someone of the male gender, but i don't know any other way to describe how astonishing he looks. The way the moonlight is dancing of his tan skin and the nearby river gleaming in his eyes, I swear they are sparkling. If that is ever f*cking possible. I run my hands over his forearms, taking in his presence.


"Babe, what are you doing here? How did you know where to find me?" I smile softly and grimace. I came here on strict rules, and I need to stick to them.


"I was worried when you weren't picking up your phone, and Niall told me you might of been here." His body makes a weird motion when I mention Nialls name.


"Maybe you should of just stayed home, I don't need a f*cking babysitter." I am absolutely mortified at his use of profane language.


"Zayn!" I scold him in a disappointed manner. He is not one to swear, defiantly around me.


"What's wrong, little Kenzie can't handle a little swearing?" He mocks me. i scoff.


"What is your problem?" He sighs.


"You're my problem."

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