I Don't Like You (Harry Styles Fanfic)

"Get a clue you douche, i'm not into you! Leave me alone!" I snapped cruelly.
He shook his head in frustration. "I don't get why you don't like me..."
I sighed angrily. "I dont even know you!"
"How could you not know me?"
"Am I supposed to know you?"
"Yes! I'm Harry Styles! I'm famous!" he yelled, moving closer to my face.
"Well guess what pretty boy, I don't give a shit," I spat, turning my back to him and walking away.
"What the hell, come back! We need to settle this!" he called after me.
"Dude, leave me alone!"
"Why aren't you like the other girls? Just give in and say that you like me!"
I stopped walking and turned to face him.
"You're pathetic Harry Styles, and I pity the girls that apparently die over the thought of you. Reality check, you're the ugliest man in the world for being this conceited, and I'd be suprised if any girl was stupid enough to date you."
I smiled as I walked away with his mouth hanging wide open.
Douche bag...


4. Chapter 4

I opened my eyes reluctantly to the sound of my stupid alarm... meaning that I fell asleep.. next to a person I don't know...

For a whole night.

I still felt his warm body wrapped around mine, and are legs were tangled together. Gross.

I lightly shook him."Hey, get up," I whispered quickly. I couldn't believe that I fell asleep with a stranger!

He moved a little bit and tightened his grip around me, nuzzling his face farther into my neck.

I started freaking out and might of accidently pushed him off of the couch with full force.

He fell onto the floor with a loud bang."What the hell what that for?" he moaned while rubbing his forehead.

I stood up and backed away from him just a little. He looked confused. "I'm sorry but can you leave now?" I questioned nervously. I didn't want to be rude, but my parents did teach me about strangers.  

Stranger danger.

"Wait... you invite me into your house and now you're just kicking me out? Don't you want to get to know me more?" he asked frowning.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to help... but I really um... I really just need you to leave now."

He seemed really hurt and I don't know why. He didn't know me at all either so what was the big deal?

As he stood up, he looked at me with those eyes again. "Please? I really want to get to know you. You helped me and deserve a reward... such as myself." He smirked. Did he really just say that? That's sorta uh... creepy.

I'm pretty sure that any girl would have gaven into that look of his, but I not so easily tricked.

"I'm sorry, but please, can you take your stuff and go?" That did sound a little rude...


The looked on his face was shocked. Who does he think he is? A king? Was his snuggling supposed to seduce me into letting him stay?

I walked into my room and grabbed his shoes, shirt, and leather jacket and finally turned off my alarm. When I came back into the livingroom, I put them in this hands, turned him around, and started walking him to the door.

"Hey hey hey wait! You don't like me?" he questioned sorrowfully. Why does he even care.

I sighed. "You seem like a nice guy, but I need to get back to doing my thing, and you need to get back to doing yours."

"It's because you have a boyfriend isn't it?"

I rolled my eyes," No, I've never had a boyfriend in my entire 20 years of living." 

Opening the door, I gave him a little push out and he quickly turned towards me.

"So you're 20 years old huh?" he leaned one arm against the door frame and did that smirking thing again.

"Yes, but not that it's any of your concern," I smirked back sarcastically.

"You know, I could take you out to grab a bite-" "No, I'm fine thank you," I quickly denied.


"Come on, don't you find me... irresisible?" 

Is he still drunk? I hope so...

"Good bye," I said quickly as I started shutting the door, but he stuck his foot in.

"Just let me get your name!" he pleaded.

I huffed. "If I tell you my name, will you leave?" "Yes."

"My name is Sarafina."

"But what about your last-" "Nope, I'm not telling you that."




"Dude, just let me shut the door."

"I'm not leaving without your full name."

"Ugh! It's Sarafina Marietta!"  I made that up.

"Thank you," he smiled widely at me. I frowned back and slammed the door shut on his face.

This guy was probably gonna come back to my house and I am going to have to deal with it in the long run.

I should've just brought him to a hospital...


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