I Don't Like You (Harry Styles Fanfic)

"Get a clue you douche, i'm not into you! Leave me alone!" I snapped cruelly.
He shook his head in frustration. "I don't get why you don't like me..."
I sighed angrily. "I dont even know you!"
"How could you not know me?"
"Am I supposed to know you?"
"Yes! I'm Harry Styles! I'm famous!" he yelled, moving closer to my face.
"Well guess what pretty boy, I don't give a shit," I spat, turning my back to him and walking away.
"What the hell, come back! We need to settle this!" he called after me.
"Dude, leave me alone!"
"Why aren't you like the other girls? Just give in and say that you like me!"
I stopped walking and turned to face him.
"You're pathetic Harry Styles, and I pity the girls that apparently die over the thought of you. Reality check, you're the ugliest man in the world for being this conceited, and I'd be suprised if any girl was stupid enough to date you."
I smiled as I walked away with his mouth hanging wide open.
Douche bag...


24. Chapter 24

"I...I didn't have sex with Niall Harry," I stuttered out, still shocked from the detective's words.  "I did not have sex with Niall Detective."

Harry held his face in his hands, slowly rocking himself. 

"Ma'am, you better not be lying about this. Especially if it's supposed to save you from a cheating scandal with your boyfriend over here," she spoke bitterly. My eyes widened in disbelief hearing disrespect and rudeness in her voice. 

"How dare you," I spat. She didn't know anything about me. All she knew was what she heard from Niall, the liar. 

How could he? I trusted him! 

She walked out of the room without responding, leaving Harry and I alone. 

"You already cheated on me?" Harry questioned angrily. That question alone made me lose it.

"Are you kidding me right now?! Seriously? Why would I cheat on you, huh? I didn't even want anything to do with you Harry Styles and now all your crap and liar friends have been dragged into my life! And now you have the nerve to accuse me of something that I didn't do? I haven't even know you for two months yet and you've already ruined my life. You've caused me so much pain in such little time! And you know what? I'm done with you overreacting over small shit!" I cried angrily. I usually wasn't one to yell, especially after my family passed, but this was so overwhelmingly horrible to have this start my next chapter in life.

He stared at me with infuriated eyes as I waited for a response. With that, he stood up and left the room silently, not even glancing back.

I sobbed when he did. "Why God? What have I done?" I spoke, wiping the tears from my cheeks. I continued crying for a couple more minutes until the nurse softly knocked on my door and entered. Hiding my body under the covers, she placed a bottle of water on the nightstand and handed me a few tissues.

"The boy that was in here earlier said you might need the tissues," she told me sympathetically.

"D-Do you know where he went?" I questioned quietly. "Well after he left your room, he demanded that he know who the father of your child is and is currently getting a DNA test."

My body felt relaxed at the sound of that, knowing that though he created such trouble and pain in my life, he was the only one I had left, no matter how hard I tried to push him away.

"We also already have Mr. Horan's DNA with us, so we'll be able to tell you who the father is in about two hours, okay sweetie?" 

I weakly smiled at her, "Thank you." Ten minutes after she left, Harry walked in, locking the door behind him and looking down at me with concerned eyes as he slowly neared me.

"I-I'm sorry for saying all of that to you Harry. I know that you didn't intend for all of this to happen, I was just-" Harry pressed his lips to mine softly, caressing my cheek as he did so.

As much as I wanted to resist, I pulled him closer by his shirt, causing him to tower over me on my hospital bed. 

"I'm so sorry sweetheart," he spoke between kisses. "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you."He gently moved down my jaw, trailing his wet lips down to my chest. "You deserve the world Sarafina." I entangled my fingers in his curls as he continued to kiss my neck, leaving me panting. Softly, I pulled his head back up to mine and continued to kiss his tender lips.

"Even if Niall is the father, I'll still be here with you," he told me, rubbing his nose against mine. I nodded, smiling into his emerald eyes.

A knock on the door interrupted our moment. Harry rushed over to unlock the door the detective and three nurses walking in.

"The media is going crazy about this story and wanted to know who the father is as soon as possible, so we have the results," the nurse informed us. My heart started racing in my chest. Grabbing Harry's hand, I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the news. Worry filled Harry's eyes as we watched the detective pulled out the information from her folder.


"According to the DNA Test, Harry Styles... you are the father of Sarafina's baby."



I know I know, it's been a year since I've updated. I haven't been writing anymore because of school. But I feel as though I need to finish this story. I'm so sorry for the wait for those who are still here reading this! I felt inspired to write again today and will happy announce that I will continue finishing this story while starting a new story on Wattpad :) I'll let you know when I start that story asap! 


Keep commenting lovelies <3   -Sierra Renee 

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