Hermione's Seventh Year

After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up?

Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna


7. The Fight

"What is he doing here?" Ron asked, his voice dripping in hatred. I was scared. He looked like he was about to kill Draco.

"Sorry," Draco mumbled, turning around to go back the way he had come. Before I knew what was happening Ron had his wand out and Draco had been slammed against a wall.

"I said, what the hell is he doing here?" Ron shouted, turning to glare at me. "Did you know he was here?" He growled, approaching me. His eyes are full to bursting with anger. Of all the times we had fought the Death Eaters, I had never felt as scared as I did then. I was scared Ron would do something stupid, he could ruin his life.

"I...I...yes, I d-did, b-but I didn't think you'd see him, Ron I didn't want to upset you," I stuttered.

"Ron leave it, let's go," Harry said, shooting a glare at Draco as he picked himself up off of the floor.

"No!" Ron shouted, truly enraged now. "Have you forgotten what he did to us?"

"No, I haven't," Harry said firmly. "But right now we need to concentrate on getting on with our lives." Draco looked at Ron and quickly started walking away but Ron pulled his wand on him again and he fell flat on his face. "Expelliarmus!" I look around to see who shouted the spell and I see Harry with his wand drawn. Ron's wand drops by my feet and I pick it up. He walks towards me, hand outstretched. I put the wand behind my back until I see Draco turn the corner and escape from Ron's sight. When I finally gave Ron his wand back he swivelled to look at where Draco had been standing seconds ago.

"He's gone!" He ran towards the corner waved his wand. Damn, he saw him. "Furnunculus!"

"Ron for goodness sake!" I shout as I turned the corner and see Draco's usually pale skin covered in red boils. He grasped at his skin as if he wanted to take it off.

"Finite incantatem," I muttered, pointing my wand at Draco. His skin instantly cleared up and he dragged himself off of the floor once again. He raised his wand and aimed it at Ron.

"Expelliarmus!" He called. Once again Ron's wand flew out of his hand, this time landing between him and Draco. Just as Ron was close enough to grab it I heard something to my right.

"Accio wand," Harry said. Ron's wand flew into Harry's hand and he looked sternly at Ron, as if telling him to stop. However, instead he turned back to Draco and before he could even tell what was happening Draco had his back pinned up against the wall and Ron was in his face.

"Ron please stop!" I pleaded. Luna and Neville looked baffled, and I could see a hint of pity in Luna's eyes. Meanwhile, Harry looked angry. Before we could properly react Ron's fist collided with Draco's face and his nose started bleeding. Harry had run up to Ron and tried to restrain him but he fought angrily. Just as he seemed like he'd be able to break free Draco managed to pull himself together and started running. Ron fought harder but Harry whispered something in his ear which stopped him from struggling. He turned back, looking at his feet and walked back to where we were standing. "We need to go to Defence Against the Dark Arts," I muttered angrily.

Sorry its so short, thanks all of you for reading!

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