Hermione's Seventh Year

After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up?

Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna



He glanced at me momentarily, allowing himself to get hit by a spell. He stumbled backwards, while the other dueller walked towards him and punched him. I couldn't work out who he was but he hit Draco hard in the mouth. He kicked him in the stomach and walked back slightly, waiting for Draco to stand up. Draco slowly dragged himself to his feet, picking up his wand and throwing a spell at the other dueller. I could see who he was now. I think he was in fifth year, his older brother had been involved in the war last year and lost the use of his left leg because of it. He ducked out of the way and the spell hit the wall. Draco was hit with another spell. His wand flew out of his hand and landed by my feet. I considered throwing it to him, then remembered who it was and instead kicked it further away as he dived for it. I glared at him and slowly walked away. I had lost Neville and Luna at some point in the crowd. I was just about to turn a corner when I heard a deafening cheer from the mob. Should I go and see what they were cheering about? I thought. Slowly, I turned back around and saw the crowd slowly dispersing. Once they had all left I saw the bleeding mass on the floor. Draco was badly beaten and was shaking slightly. He was dragging himself up off the floor and I could see him trembling. I walked over to him and helped him up. He pulled away from me quickly.

"Get lost Granger," he hissed.

"No one else is going to help you so you may as well let me," I instructed, getting agitated. I put his arm round my shoulders and headed towards the infirmary.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked, pathetically.

"Because I'm a better person than you are," I retorted.

"You think I should be in Azkaban," he stated. I didn't answer but headed for the infirmary. When we arrived Madame Pomfrey gave me a funny look when she saw me helping Draco. I left him with her and headed for the common room. When I arrived Luna and Neville were deep in conversation.

"Everyone knows Malfoy's back now," Neville said. Luna lifted her head and noticed me. She walked towards me with a smile on her face.

"Hey! Where were you? We were worried!" She exclaimed.

"I'm fine," I lied. "I'm going to go and get my books, I'll be back in a minute." I climbed the stairs two at a time and swung my dormitory door open and snatched my books. It took a while to find them all in the mess on the floor, and when I finally found them I walked back to the common room. Luna and Neville smiled when they saw me and we started making our way to Defence Against the Dark Arts. We got there just in time, but the only remaining set of three seats was right at front. We sat down in front of the new professor. It was Professor Harper.

"Welcome class," he chimed, enthusiastically. "I am Professor Harper, as I would hope you all already know," he continued with a massive cheesy grin on his face. "Today we will be revising the stunning spell, but first I have some exciting news," his grin widened even more, and he swept his hand through his greasy blond hair. "In our next lesson we will be visited by Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley who will be teaching us some defensive spells they had to use last year so I hope you will be very welcoming." He glanced at me and noticed the surprise on my face. Why wouldn't Ron and Harry tell me that they were visiting? Despite my confusion I was excited to see them, especially Ron. I felt Neville nudge my arm.

"Hermione, he wants us three to demonstrate the stunning spell," he whispered quietly, but the rest of the class probably heard. I came out of my trance and stood up with Neville and Luna to demonstrate. "Hermione, you cast on me," Neville instructed. I pulled my wand out of my pocket.

"Stupefy," I muttered, pointing my wand at Neville. A scarlet beam shot out of my wand and hit Neville. He fell to the floor unconscious.

"Now does anyone know the spell which counteracts this one?" Professor Harper asked the class. A girl sitting on the back row slowly put her hand up. She had short black hair and piercing blue eyes, I think her name was Raven. "Yes, sorry, could you tell me your name?" Professor Harper asked.

"Raven sir, um, the counteracting spell is rennervate sir," she answered. I knew she was right because we had used it often during the war.

"Well done, Raven," he announced rather loudly. "Luna can you perform this spell on Neville please?"

"Rennervate," Luna muttered, pointing her wand at Neville. A red light shone from her wand and hit Neville in the chest. He stirred slightly. Luna and I helped him up and we returned to our seats. Professor Harper carried on talking about the two spells but I zoned out yet again. I hadn't really concentrated on a single class today and right now I just wanted to go to sleep. I felt like I had been in school for weeks already, although I'd barely been here a day. I started thinking of Ron, Harry and Ginny and it made me wish for home. I wanted to wake up with Ron next to me. I wanted to see my best friends every day of my life. Instead I was stuck here where there was a chance I may bump into Draco Malfoy at any point and as great as Luna and Neville were, they just weren't the Weasleys and Harry. Why was I even here? To complete studies I didn't need? Was it really worth it? My mind was plagued with these thoughts right up until Professor Harper brought the lesson to a finish. Neville, Luna and I quickly made an exit in order to get to Charms, which went by just like D.A.D.A, with my mind elsewhere. After Charms we ate dinner, pork and potatoes with all sorts of vegetables, then we went to bed quite early as we were all exhausted from the day.



So I've been off school sick so I thought I'd complete this chapter!:) I know it's a bit of a boring one but I promise there will be some drama throughout the next few chapters! Any feedback would be lovely, I'd love to know what you all think and if there is anything you think I can do better.

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