Hermione's Seventh Year

After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up?

Cover by JustAsSaneAsLuna


4. After Meeting Malfoy

When I got to the common room there were two sixth years in there who stared at me as I walked past, tears dripping down my face. I stormed into my dormitory and slammed the door shut behind me. I flung myself onto my bed and cried. How could McGonagall be helping him? He tried to kill all of us! He tried to kill Harry, Ron and me in the Room of Requirement. He stood by and watched as Bellatrix battered me. He was evil! He didn't deserve anyone's help! Especially anyone from Hogwarts! It was bad enough that he and his family got off for "defecting" at the end of the war, but now he is here, in the school! I liked to credit myself as being quite a forgiving person but I will never forgive him! And that family of his!

I heard a quiet knock on the door. I didn't do anything. I just lay there and ignored it. I thought the person had left but a minute or two later there was another knock.

"Miss Granger, please may I have a word," McGonagall said, calmly, through the door. I didn't want to talk to her. Despite this, I got up and opened the door. "Hermione," she said with a pause, "shall we go to my office?" I just nodded, and followed her until we reached the Gargoyle corridor. When we were finally in the headmistress's office she took a seat, she motioned for me to do the same. "Professor Slughorn just came to talk to me," she stated, calmly. "He says you saw Mr Malfoy earlier." I nodded. "Well, it is true that we are helping him complete his studies without having to integrate him with the rest of the school. He would never admit it to you, or Harry, or Ron, but he is truly sorry. His father was a very persuasive person, as you probably know, and like any young man he looked up to his father-" I scoffed at her, and she paused, then restarted. "He looked up to his father but is learning his lesson. After seeing the devastation that the war caused he felt incredibly guilty and you can laugh at that all you like Miss Granger but Malfoy is doing his damnedest to redeem himself. He wants to be better and I know you don't want to be around him but it may happen that you may run into him again, because we have a duty to educate, so that is what we will do." Once she had finished I glared at her for a while before I finally spoke.

"How can you do that...after all he has done?" I asked.

"Because, Miss Granger, it is a part of life to grow, and to move on is to grow, and I am therefore moving on." She stated in her usual intelligent sounding way.

"Fine, just don't expect us to become best friends, and if I punch him at some point then that's down to you Professor," I declared, swiftly exiting the office. I didn't want to be rude to the Professor, but right now she was acting in a completely irrational way and I wouldn't put up with it. I walked back to the common room and picked up my Potions books and slowly wandered to the lesson. I would be able to catch the last half of the lesson.

When I arrived I did not apologise for being late as I usually would, I just sat in between Luna and Neville, in the middle of three rows in the classroom. Today Slughorn was talking about Felix Felicis, and explaining what it did to a person. I already knew everything there was to know about Felix Felicis, so did not really bother to listen. When the lesson finished I swiftly packed my books and left, leaving Luna and Neville behind. I didn't feel like eating lunch, so instead I went to my dormitory. I chose to do my Herbology homework but it was useless. I just couldn't stop thinking about Draco. He had balls turning up here and I started to feel the anger boiling up inside of me again. I heard a knock on the door and got up to answer it. It was Neville and Luna.

"Hey," Neville said. He handed me something wrapped in a napkin. "I thought it was best to leave you for a bit, but I brought you some food from lunch." I took the napkin and nibbled at the bread and cheese inside it. "Do you want us to leave you alone or we could go and visit Hagrid?" Neville suggested.

"Good idea," I said, smiling properly for the first time all day. I took my food with me but left behind my Herbology homework. "I'm sorry for shouting earlier Neville."

"It's alright, I'd have been the same if I had just seen him," he told me, with a smile. "I think we should all agree that if we see him we ignore him. He doesn't deserve our attention." Luna and I nodded. Neville had become surprisingly sensible since the war. I think Bellatrix's death definitely put him at ease. She really was an evil woman and knowing she could never hurt anyone else ever again had seemed to help Neville move on slightly, from what she had done to his parents. I don't think I could ever move on from what she did to me. Sometimes I wished I had been the one to kill her. Neville and Luna were talking about their Care of Magical Creatures homework as we walked and I didn't really listen. Then I noticed something. Someone was hiding behind a tree, watching us. He ran when I saw him, but I knew it was Draco. I ignored him and carried on towards Hagrid's hut. When we got there I knocked loudly on the door. I could hear Hagrid shuffling around inside and he opened the door. His expression lit up when he saw us, but he also looked slightly confused.

"Ah, 'ello 'ermione. What are you doin' here?" He asked, opening the door fully to let us in.

"I've had a bad day," I stated, quite matter-of-factly.

"Oh, well let me make yer all some tea and yer can tell me all 'bout it. 'Owever I am expecting someone soon so I'm afraid it'll 'ave to be quick," he explained.

"Draco's here," I mumbled angrily.

"Ah, did McGonagall tell yer 'bout that?" Hagrid asked.

"What? You knew?" I asked, slightly upset. He could've warned me somehow. Hagrid looked at his feet.

"Well, yeah, I got to teach the little bugger Care of Magical Creatures, don' I?" He boomed.

"You could've warned me! I was just walking down the corridor and he was there! I thought he'd come back to finish me off or something!" I cried.

"I'm sorry 'mione. I thought McGonagall would tell yer," Hagrid pleaded. I sighed.

"Hermione, it's not Hagrid's fault," Luna reasoned.

"I know," I sighed. "I'm sorry, I just..." I trailed off and picked up the cup of tea Hagrid had just shoved in front of me. I took a sip and felt it warm my body up immediately. Then I realised something, "it's not Draco you're expecting is it?" I asked.

"Uh...yeah, sorry," he stuttered. I decided it was probably best if I left before he arrived.

"Oh, okay, well then, I should probably leave before he turns up, see you Hagrid," I got up and left with Luna whilst Neville stayed behind to quickly talk to Hagrid about some homework.

"Hermione, be honest, how are things actually with Ron," Luna asked. "It's just, every time he's mentioned you change the subject." Luna was very observant and sometimes it could get annoying.

"Obviously he's not at his best after Fred's death," I started, unsure of how to finish.

"Obviously he's not, but I'm asking how is he with you?" She asked. I didn't answer as I didn't fully understand the question. She obviously picked up on this and continued, "after everything that happened to you, you need someone reliable who you can talk to about what you went through. If you can't talk to anyone about it then it'll build up inside you like a disease left untreated." I knew she was right, but I hated talking about it, they were memories I didn't want to remember.

"He's fine with me," I lied.

"Okay..." she obviously didn't believe me. "Well you know that I'm here if you need me," she smiled. By this point Neville caught up with us, panting heavily.

"We should probably go and get our books for Defence Against the Dark Art," he said, between heavy gasps for air. Luna and I nodded and walked towards our common room. We were walking past the Great Hall when we heard a great commotion. We went to investigate and we saw a mob. I could see spells being cast and I think there was a duel going on. I tried to peer through the constantly growing mob and eventually I saw it. A bloodied and bruised Draco Malfoy.


Hi guys! Here's the next chapter. I will try and post again next weekend, but I've also got to finish the final chapter of Daffodil Fields so you may have to wait longer. Thanks for all the lovely comments, they're greatly appreciated!

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