From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


25. 29th July - Rose

I have never been so petrified in my life.  I think I was okay, I don't think he recognised me. But, I was glad that I could have a glance at him. It might be the last, and with everything going on, I wasn't surprised. I was shocked when he noticed me, and even more when he warned me to stay more inconspicuous. He didn't (Strictly) know me, and yet he helped me. I felt a warm sensation growing in my heart, and it was love, and pride. This was my love, my only love. He was kind, strong and would help strangers even if it didn't matter about him. I smile under my slightly raised cap and continued to stare outside. The trees were breezing past, like wind, and they were green like Edward's eyes. Startling, and pure. I loved it, and I traced the edge of the dirty glass, pondering what would happen. Would I be separated from him? No. Not again. I was here to stay with him, not to fight? I sigh, my breath fogging up the window. I close my eyes, and the world darkens around me....

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