From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


24. 29th July - Edward

I hop onto the 'Truck' as soon as I saw it. I turned around to glance at my house for the last time for a long while. I was kind of glad to leave this place behind. Too many painful...memories. But I was also heartbroken to leave it as well. It was the only thing my parents had left me, and I didn't want to lose it.


I didn't want to leave Rose either.


I look around me. There was about 7 people on the truck, and I didn't recognise a singe one of them. Except, only one of them had their hat way too low. I roll my eyes and one of the officers yell "Edward Greene?" I chant back and salute, deepening my voice to make me sound older. "Sir, yes Sir!" I walk confidantly down the truck, reaching the back and sit down next to the man with his hat pulled down his face. I check no one is looking at us, and yank the hat off him. Tristan glares at me and I whisper "I didn't know you were being picked up today, and even I knew you were underage the second I noticed your hat was pulled over your face, to hide." I throw the hat back at him, hitting him in the chest. He smiles smugly "Fine...Mr Holmes". I smirk at him "Elementery, my dear Watson".


I settle into my chair, horribly aware of the lumps and rips in the fabric. I stretch out, and look out of the dirt covered window. The village I had been born and raised in, flying past me like a hazy dream. The dairy... the Butchers...The forest...Mrs McDearingly's house, Dear god I wasn't going to miss her...A lump rises in my throat...The stores...The tree where I had first kissed Rose. I smile sadly as I remember her falling on top of me. I could hear her heartbeat on top of mine...


A longing pulled at my chest and I look away, grinning at Tristan. "So. Those books of yours tell you how to shoot a gun? Because how the hell you are going to survive a war without knowing to pull a little trigger is going to land you in a big pile of sh-" The car drives over a bump in the road, the engine muting the last word as everyone in the car flies upwards and we hit our heads simultaneously on the metal roof. I wince and rub my head as Tristan curses under his breath, tightening his seat belt. I glance again out of the window, and I see the vivid green of the British countryside run past us, the brightness almost blinding me and I squint and cover my eyes. I watch some small figures work, planting furiously. There was a new thing going on, appealing for the women to put in their cause for the War, since they were obviously forbidden to come and fight...


I take in the people around me. A man, probably around 25 years old, with short black hair, in a military buzz cut. 2 men talking to each other with a heavy scottish accents. A middle aged man, clutching a photo of him and another woman and a couple of children to his chest, and a final person looking out of the window. They had their hat pulled down, so clearly he was underage too. But that was none of my business. I noticed a couple of red strands of hair peeking out of the bottom of his hat, and it reminded me horribly of Rose's hair. The flash of hair had caused a twinge of pain in my chest... In my heart. But it made me suspicious how the boy didn't make any contact with anyone, didn't sit with anyone and didn't speak. I stand up abruptly, and make my way down to the officer at the front. I murmur hoarsely "Are we there yet?" He yells at me fiercely "At 1200 we arrive, so sit down!" All the head on the truck swivel to face me, except the red head. I glare at them, and they turn away.


I walk back down the gangway, until I'm beside the suspicious red haired person and I pretend to fall, elbowing them. I mutter under my breath quickly "I wouldn't act so suspicious, if I were you. You will attract attention, and I know you are underage. You're lucky I noticed before anyone else did. Anyone else..."  The person spins around and glares at me. His eyes shock me and I falter. They were a deep brown, like Rose's. If Rose was a boy, I swear this is what she would have looked like. But this wasn't Rose. She was at home, safe and with her Mother. I harden and continue "Anyone else would have told, and you would have been kicked off before you could even say 'Underage'. So I wouldn't act so Moriarty, if I were you" I stand up and yell dramatically "And don't you forget it!" I spin on my heel and storm back to my seat. I cross my arms and huff, and glare again at the men staring at me "You have a problem?" I mouth at the Buzz-cut guy. He turns back around quickly, and I sigh.


What was that boy thinking? He was going to get himself killed, out here. But then again, I wasn't one to talk. I was doing exactly the same. But something about that boy unsettled me, and I hated to be unsettled. I gaze out of the window and thought of Rose...

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