From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


19. 28th July ~ Tristan

I roll my eyes. "Oh for God's sake, Ed! Wouldn't it be better if you had someone you trust fighting beside you?" I laugh and start to throw Sherlock Holmes into the air, catching it as It landed gently into my hands. I had to be honest. I wouldn't be able to survive this war. I couldn't even stop the older boys stealing my book! I could fight as hard as I could, but one way or another I was going to die. But I could defend my friends, until the moment I feel the bullet pierce into my heart, leaving me breathless. Lifeless.

I was a dead man walking. And I couldn't stop it...


(Sorry for the short chapter. At school :P )

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