From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


14. 28th July - Edward

Realisation dawned across her face. Tears started to sparkle in her eyes, and slowly made their way down her cheeks. She whispers softly 'no...oh god no.' She rests her head on my shoulder, and starts to cry silently.

I stroke her hair slowly. I could feel her shaking, heartbroken sobs wracking through her body. I thought fiercely 'I will come back. I promise you. I will come back. If it's the last thing I do, I will come back for you Rose.'

I wished she could hear my thoughts. I had so much to say, and so little time, and no words how to truly explain how much I truly loved her. We stayed like that for a long time, her crying softly into my shirt and me stroking her hair, gently.

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