From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


12. 28th July 1914 ~ Edward

I woke up after a deep, embraced sleep. Flashes of yesterday breezed past into my mind. Sitting by Rose's bed, watching her first shaky steps in a whole day. Her stumbling into my arms, her grateful smile brightening my day and setting my heart alight. I lace my fingers into on hers. I couldn't imagine life without her.

I pull off my thin sheets as I clamber out of my bed. I descend down the wooden steps, the hard, cold nails digging into my skin. I ignore them as I see a piece of mail stuck in the door. I stumble across the hallway and I reach for the post and sit down in my kitchen table. I use my father's letter opener to tear open the post.

I notice the military insignia in the corner of the letter.

Shock takes over my head. I grip the edges of my oak table , my knuckle white against the dark. I feel faint and lightheaded. The world spins around me as I tug the piece of mail out of the envelope. My mind skips over the words. But I know what it is that letter.


I had been summoned to fight in the war.

The war I imagined would never occur.

I was going tomorrow.


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