From upon a poppy field...

One teenage girl. One teenage boy. They first set eyes on each other in 1914, July 28th, and begin to fall in love. But will an event, which changes history forever, tear them apart?


9. 26th July 1914~ Edward

As I kissed her, I felt a powerful feeling rush through my bruised, bloody body. The surge of true love. I had no idea that I would do it, I didn't even give my mind the idea, it just happened.


And the best part was, she didn't pull away. 


A couple of people passing through the forest saw two teenagers kissing passionately below the tree. I loved her and now I knew she loved me too. My rough hand made its way up to her soft, beautiful hair and I stroked it gently and whispered the words I knew she hadn't heard for too long.

"I love you"

I stared into her beautiful, brown tear filled eyes with love and regret. Love for her, Regret for ruining her family's name. But she didn't care, I knew that as I helped her up and she stayed close to me, so I held her in my arms. 

"Edward?" She said my name with that small quiet voice of hers "I-I think I love you"

I held her closer to me then, I didn't care any longer. I loved her and I was going to keep her close to me at all costs. I needed too.

"ROSE! ROSEEE!" I could hear two girls screaming, I knew them well. Clearly did Rose. Her soft pale skin flushed a beautiful pink as these girls came closer towards us, their hair waving out at the crowd behind them.

"Miss Mary, Miss Elizabeth" Rose greeted them, her head still faced down, her hair hiding her face

"We saw what happened" One of them started, I'm not sure which. 

"Yeah we did. You've got a good man there Rose! He looks dreamy" The other said, making me blush scarlet. I wasn't one for keeping feeling boarded up.

"Look! He's blushing!" Both girls said in unison, as Rose giggled slightly underneath her blanket of hair.

"Well, I best be going, nice to see you all girls" I managed to get out, my hands making an attempt to smooth out my blond hair, that was up on ends. It didn't work.

"Bye Edward" The identical girls chorused.  Where as Rose lifted her beautiful head at me and just mouthed

"I Love You"

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