Best Summer Ever!

Kylie is your typical 17 year old, she lives in a small city, she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time but most of all she loves the band 5 Seconds of Summer. What will happen when she meets them and discovers that not only does she have feelings for one of them but he also has feelings for her...


7. Problems

"Girls, I really want to go out tonight... The boys are practicing all day and I don't want to be stuck here, besides we need to go shopping!! " I said

"Omg, yay!!! Let's hit Rodeo Drive !" Cory shouted. All the girls nodded in agreement and we grabbed our things to go.

-------------- skip to shopping------------

"Guys, I'm really tired. We've gone to mainly all the stores here and my feet are killing me." Dey said

"Why don't we have lunch and then we'll go back home to get ready for tonight."

"Wait, what are we doing tonight?" Dey curiously asked me

"We, my friend are going clubbing!" I shouted

"Yes!!" They shouted in unison, they were party girls and they were excited that we would finally be doing something fun.

After the long cab ride we finally got back to the boys home and luckily they weren't there I didn't want to see Luke, I get all these butterflies in my stomach when I think about him. I know he will never be interested in me I'm just an average Texas girl and he's a rockstar. Who am I kidding?

Cory's viewpoint:

I noticed that Kylie looked a bit sad when we got home. So I had to ask," Ky, are you okay? You seem a bit down..?"

"I'm fine," She quickly said "let's get ready for tonight."

"Okay." I said, this couldn't have anything to do with Luke right ? I know Ashton told me that Luke might have a little crush on Kylie but he didn't want her to know, nah it's not about that I thought.

We got ready, Dey curling her long auburn hair, Kylie straightening her long black hair, Caroline putting her brown hair in a bun and I just left my curly hair down. Time to do our make up!

"Guys, get over here, I need to do y'all's make up!" Dey shored at us

We each went and we came out with natural eyeshadow, fake eyelashes and a bit of blush( yes we put on concealer, powder and foundation) .

We were ready all we needed was to get changed. We each changed into our dresses when we suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

"Who could that be? It can't be the boys, they won't be back till later." said Kylie

"I don't know, I'll go check." I said

I made my way to the door, and I realized that all the girls had followed me out of Caroline and Michaels room and they now had pots and a broom in their hands.

"What the hell are y'all doing? I bet it's just the boys" Cory said in between laughs.

She opened the door and there was a middle aged man giving his back to us when he suddenly turned around and said," I have Ms. Kylie's luggage, she reported it missing when she arrived at the airport."

Kylie jumped out from behind me and hugged the man. "Thank you so much! I really needed my stuff here, I have my shoes and my life in this suitcase ! Thank you once again" she said and with that he went back to the room to put her shoes on.

I thanked the man and closed the door, "well that was weird?!" I said.

We all made our way back to the room and decide it was time to put our clothes and shoes on so that we could get going.

Once we were all done, I thought that it would be better I we left a note for the boys so thy wouldn't get worried:


We hope practice went well for all of you, Kylie had this crazy but awesome idea that we should go out clubbing tonight, I hope you all don't mind and if you would like to join us, text Dey cause she knows were Ky is taking us !

Laters !

We exited the house, locked the door and got in the taxi to head to the club.

Ashton's viewpoint:

"Finally! We're home and we get to spend some time with the girls!" I said.

When we walked in, we walked into and empty house. Where had they gone ? Maybe they didn't like us too much or maybe they just got bored and left.

"Boys, I found a note, the girls left it. It seems they have gone out clubbing. Text Dey so we can go find them." Michael said

I quickly texted Dey and she told me they were at a club called SHINE. They boys an I have gone before so we knew were it was at.

"Boys, it looks like we're going clubbing tonight!" I shouted

Calum and Michael gave me a grin but Luke looked sorta down but still followed us out of the door and into a taxi.

"Club SHINE please." I told the driver

Luke's viewpoint:

We finally arrived at the club, I wasn't really I'm the mood to come. After I left the house today I realized that I liked Kylie, a lot. She probably didn't like me and that's why I was sad. She's perfect, the way she laughs, they way she flips her hair, and her eyes, I could get lost in those big brown eyes.

No I can't think like this, I'm just getting whipped when I know she doesn't like me...

I snapped out of my thoughts and I realized that we were already inside the club. There was a lot of people there and a few girls came up to us to say hi and for pictures. I knew I had to say yes to them but my mind was elsewhereZ I was thinking about Kylie.. Then out of nowhere I spotted her on the middle of the dance floor with another guy, she seemed happy and she would laugh at what he would say.

When suddenly he grabbed her and he kissed her. I couldn't stand it. I told ashton that I wasn't feeling well and that I would head back home.

What a way to end the night.

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