Best Summer Ever!

Kylie is your typical 17 year old, she lives in a small city, she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time but most of all she loves the band 5 Seconds of Summer. What will happen when she meets them and discovers that not only does she have feelings for one of them but he also has feelings for her...


6. confused

I woke up feeling confused and it took me a moment to realize that I was not home, I was in Los Angeles. What was even more weird was that I felt someone's arms around me.

I looked back and smiled. There he was, Luke Hemming..he's so beautiful.

His hair was down, his eyes closed, he was just perfect.. Oh no! I can't fall for him! He probably won't want anything to do with me! I'm ugly. I have to get up and out of this bed.

"Luke...Luke, wake up" I said

Suddenly those blue eyes opened and he said, " Good Morning to you too Kylie."

"Luke, would you mind?" I pointed at his arms.

He let me go and instantly started apologizing.

I didn't want to hear any of it, cause I thought I might have feelings for him. Instead I rushed over to our restroom and turned on the water to take a shower.

Luke's viewpoint:

Why did she run away from me? I thought she liked me, I saw the way she looked at me, how she would blush when I complimented her.. Does she not like me?

Wait a minute, why would she like me? She was totally out of my league. Any boy would be lucky to have her. I kept thinking about her smile, those big brown eyes, her hair... No I can't keep thinking like this.. I have to get out of here, she doesn't want anything to do with me. As I heard her turn off the shower I rushed out of my room, downstairs to get ready and I left.

Kylie's Viewpoint:

I heard the door slam downstairs I was pretty sure it was Luke because I'm sure he doesn't want to be anywhere near me.

"What am I going to do?" I said

I decided to get ready, I put some eyeliner on, foundation, powder and mascara, afterwards I straightened my hair. I dabbed on some lipstick and went straight to my closet. After some thinking I picked out a high waisted skirt, with a crop top to match and some heels and jewelry and I was out of the room. I decided I needed a girls night out with Dey, Cory and Caroline...

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