The Lost Princess

Raina Dalton is just your average shy girl. She is always compared to the Disney Princess Rapunzel, she never has thought that she was like her... Even though she kind if looks like her. But all of that will change when the new boy Ryan moves in next store. What will happen to them then will they go on adventures and fall in love like Rapunzel and Flynn did?


2. Chapter two

Isn't it wonderful when you just wake up and realize how lucky you are to be somewhere that you just know is amazing so you just start your day off in such a great way. I've lived here in this city for my whole entire life, but I still get excited about what is ahead for me here every single day. A lot of people have figured out that with my schedule that I do the exact same things everyday and they ask me if it gets boring after a while. I guess that it may get boring after a while for them, but for me that is what is so much fun about going through life in that way. Something new could spontaneously happen at any time during my day, even though nothing different usually happens but that is always great too. This is because I am not like all of the other people in the world today. I am shy, boring and most of all hate when something drastically changes for me. It ends up becoming super sad when things do end up having to change so much in such little time just like today. The Robertson's who have lived next door for as long as I can remember are moving out later today, which means that I am losing about two hours of my daily schedule.

I have even heard a rumor going around by people that the new family that is moving in next door have a sixteen year old son who is a troublemaker. It may not be true because who can really trust a rumor so I am just really hoping that it is not. Also since I have no friends I haven't necessarily heard this rumor from specific people, I've just overheard people in other groups talking about this. What I have heard this way is that the son is the reason that they moved, he got kicked out of his old school because of all the trouble that he makes and gets into. All I am hoping for is that none of these rumors are actually true because I really do not do well with trouble around me at all.

*beep, beep, beep* I snap out of the trance I am in thinking about all of these possibilities when my watch starts to go off. Well that is just great since my watch just beeped three times that means that I am already late for my morning walk to school and I'm not even close to being ready. Why do I have to get trapped in my daydreams so easily? Now I have to get ready, attempt to eat a nutritious breakfast, and do everything else that I always schedule to do every morning in less than half of the time I usually give myself to do it. Why do I even try to give myself a well thought out, detailed schedule if I am not even going to be able to follow it? So now that I have missed all of the fun things that I usually end up doing in the morning, I guess I just have to start heading out for school. So now it seems so just be useless trying to brush out my wickedly long hair and just leave it down in my face, instead of my usual neat braid or high bun that I normally put it in every single day. Why do I have to daydream about worthless things so much and not just follow my schedule in the first place like always?

Now that I probably look like an utterly insane person and probably got ready in record speed. I basically had to jog to school instead of my usual leisurely walk and it happens that I was still around ten minutes late either way. Now not only was I all hot and gross from jogging to school, I also got my very first tardy. Ugh, this is just something that I can not believe is happening. So I decide to head down to the principal's office to see if I can try to straighten this little mistake up myself. But of course when I got there and explained to them what had happened they just sent me away back to class, still having my tardy with me. By the time lunch finally came I couldn't take being here any longer. Everything that has happened to me today is just making me so paranoid that I feel like I'm going crazy. So you know what I am going to pretend to be sick so I can leave this place. Yes I understand that it is unheard of me faking something as serious as being sick. But it's not like it matters anymore anyways since my perfect attendance has already been ruined this morning. So it will be done today, me, Raina Dalton is going to pretend to be sick to get out of school. I just really hope mother understands why I am doing this, I know she will understand, hopefully.

So when lunch is over I go to my locker and get out my hand-me-down raggedy backpack and find my equally torn up flip phone from the nineties. Yes, I know and understand that some sixteen year old don't even know what a flip phone is or looks like, let alone have one in this day and age. Mother always does try to talk me into getting a new iPhone like every other teenager my age has, but I don't really feel like I need one. Why would I need a high tech, fancy phone since I don't have any friends and the only person that I actually talk on the phone to is mother. That is the only reason I even let her get me a phone in the first place is so that she could contact me when she needed to or vise versa. After we talk for a while since it takes a while to actually convince her to pick me up. I have to wait for her to come and get me, which means going back to class since it has already started when I was on the phone. I walk through the empty school halls until I reach my class, I awkwardly walk into the class and go and sit in my usual seat in the back of the room trying not to be noticed by anyone. I don't want to be a distraction because no one talks to me anyways so why would I want to put unwanted attention on myself as I walk to the lonely back of the classroom?

Half way through the class that I wasn't really paying attention to anyways I get called down to the office which means mother must finally be here to get me. It seemed like it took an eternity for mother to sign me out and for us to get into her old warm down car before we started to drive away from the school. Usually in these situations she has all of these questions for me to make sure I wasn't making something up, which I never am. But this time it is weird and unusual because she is not pelting me with questions. She just looks me straight in the eye and asks me a single straight forward question.

"Why did you take your time to do all of this?" Ugh I can tell by her face and the feeling that I am getting is that if I answer this wrong then I will get a whole big lecture on whatever she needs to say to get her point across. Also and probably the worse thing she will figure out that I made up this whole situation and since I've never done anything like this before I don't know what will happen.

"Oh mother today has just been something horrible, after something horrible all day. The Robertsons' are moving out and the new family is moving in next door, I was daydreaming again so I missed almost everything on my schedule this morning, and I got to school late so I got my very first tardy. Today has just been horrible and I needed to get away from it all." I exclaimed after realizing that it is usually always the best outcome if I just tell mother the truth about what is going on.

Mother listens to what I had to say nodding her head she replies back to me, "I understand that those things all are bad and happened to you today, but what does that really have to do with anything sweetheart?" I really don't want to be mean or anything to mother but it seems like she didn't just listen to anything that I just ranted off to her. But by this point in my day with everything that has happened I just really can't take anything or anyone anymore.

"It has to do with absolutely everything in my life mother!" I never would have thought that I could go off on mother but as we can see from today there is always a first time for everything it seems. "The schedule mother, my schedule is being messed up today. I worried so much about everything that is happening around me that I was late for school and got a tardy, My hair wasn't done like how it normally is everyday, my morning leisurely walk turned into a morning jog, and I didn't get to have my morning book read. Everything that I plan out that is important to me got messed up today mother, that is what's wrong and what started all of this."

"Alright now that I understand, let's just settle down so we can go home and get ready for later tonight." I'm glad that she understands and that we only have to get ready for tonight... wait what's tonight? What are we getting ready for? Mother knows that I hate surprises and today is definitely not a good day for even more changes and surprises. "Oh Raina, I forgot to tell you I invited our new neighbors over for dinner so we can get to know them." Mother finally tells me what is going on and it is just now making so many conclusions in my head on how the rest of the night is going to end up turning out, which is kind of also stressing me out to say the least.

When we finally actually get home from what seemed like the longest car ride ever. I got out of the car and into the house as fast as I possibly could. I got into my room before mother could even get the chance to ask me to start dinner for her, our 'guests', and I. While I hide away from the rest of the world I can hear mother attempting to clean our already neat enough house. I just don't understand why, mother knows that I hate change. So why would she invite the people who caused all of the annoying change in my life straight into our house anyways. So I decide that I should probably be helpful and that if I do help cook dinner then I will probably be able to keep my mind off of everything for at least a little while. But it ends up that cooking is a good calm time to get your thoughts straight. I actually ended up stuck in another daydream like this morning. It is really good that I quickly snapped myself out of it because I was really close to almost burning the house down. So cooking and daydreaming probably aren't the best combination.

I guess that I probably should actually try to make myself look presentable for this meeting the neighbors tonight. Because I know for a fact that if I wait any much longer to start getting ready then mother will come in here and tell me to hurry up, which will stress me out even more. Then if I start to get stressed out and nervous then I will rush myself so I will end up looking just plain horrible. So when I venture back up to my room I have to decide what to wear that will actually look nice from my small limited closet. After staring at my closet and thinking for a while I decide that I should look nice and presentable but not dressy so it looks like I care that much about how they see me. I finally decide on wearing a light purple ruffled tank top with a full length, three-quarter sleeved white cardigan, with a pair of my worn out faded jeans. When I get to the stage where I do my hair I decide on finally being able to do my signature waterfall braid for the rest of the night. I personally think that I look good enough for meeting them tonight. This night better be worth all of the trouble that I have gone through today and how much my schedule has been messed up.

When everything is finally ready we just have to wait for them to actually show up, but this doesn't happen for a while so it feels like an eternity of sitting around waiting. When it has been however long of waiting for them to actually show up, I go and check to make sure that my hair hasn't fallen out yet since I was playing with it being bored. But of course with how my luck has turned out today once I leave the room, of course they end up getting here without me realizing it. So our new neighbors and mother are sitting at the table already so it seems like they have been waiting on me the whole time. I try to casually walk to the dinner table trying my best not to be the awkward person that I really am. When I get to my seat at the table, I try to unnoticeably look around at the family that is sitting in front of me. As of what I can see right now they seem like just a normal family consisting of three people. The mother and father look as normal as parents can really look. But the one thing that I can really notice is that the son keeps looking down a lot, then looking around every so often like he doesn't want to be here in this situation either. Finally when he stops moving for a second I actually get a chance to see exactly what he looks like and I just can not believe my eyes.



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