The Lost Princess

Raina Dalton is just your average shy girl. She is always compared to the Disney Princess Rapunzel, she never has thought that she was like her... Even though she kind if looks like her. But all of that will change when the new boy Ryan moves in next store. What will happen to them then will they go on adventures and fall in love like Rapunzel and Flynn did?


3. Chapter three

Whoever he is all I can tell is that he is just so good looking it is unbelievable.

Words just wouldn't even be enough to explain how much of an instant crush I have on this boy that I literally just met. I totally understand again that if you actually knew me this would have been unthinkable. But this is my life and not yours and my life has been changing a lot today and it might be starting to change for the better. Also I have realized that I probably look like a complete psycho just sitting here staring into his perfect, bright hazel eyes. Ugh, Raina, why won't you just snap out of this? It's just another one of my fantasies and I know that I just met him so I don't even know his name yet but I'm just falling for him all of a sudden. Please just try to remember the rumors, I don't want to be associated with him, He is a bad boy and I am just a shy little good girl. Either way a handsome bad boy wouldnt go for a dorky, rule and schedule following good girl like myself anyways so why should I even try. So just try to snap out of it and try not to stare at him for the rest of the night if that is even possible.

Thankfully I was fully snapped out of my daydream by our new neighbor Mrs. Hart. "So Raina, right? How old are you?" Great I knew this was going to end up happening so let the stupid, unwanted questions start.

Trying to be as polite as possible even though I don't want to be sitting here in this position in the first place I answer, "Oh I'm sixteen years old."

"Oh that is just wonderful, my son Ryan over here is sixteen years old too." She tells me and all I can think is that she is just cheery, too cheery. But she just continues to talk towards her son now. "Ryan I told you that there would be people that are your age here. But it happens to be our new wonderful neighbor."

Yes, now I know his name is Ryan. Oh why does it seem that all of the really good looking boys have great names too. Well now that I actually know what his name is I know who I have a crush on now.

"So Raina what do you usually like to do with your free time?' Ryan asks me probably trying to show that he is actually paying attention to what is going on. Alright Raina think of what you want to say because you need a good answer so you don't sound completely idiotic. All that I know is that I can't tell him what I actually always do because if I do then he will know that I am an actual total nerd.

"Um... You know normal teenage girl things." I answer him trying my best to seem less geeky than I already am right now.

"What are you talking about no you don't dear, you usually only draw, read, and write in your free time. I thought that you hated doing all of those normal teenage girl things that everyone does." My mother adds into the conversation. Why did she have to open her mouth and tell the truth when I was obviously trying to seem cooler than I actually am. All I know is that Ryan is probably laughing on the inside when he heard what I usually do. Well there goes all of my non existent shots with him.

By the time the slowest dinner ever finishes, the only thing that I want to do is go up to my room and never come down again for anything. Why does mother always end up ruining everything for me in some possible way? I will actually be so surprised if Ryan even looks at me again after he just heard that about me. So I will be sitting somewhere drooling over him when I see him and he wouldn't even want to think about having to even look at me because of what happened tonight.

This is the exact reason why I hate change. Since whenever things like this happen something will change and I will get sad and/or depressed. By that time it is usually too late to see what the change actually is about. But I hope when this happens this time it will turn out to be fine this time around. But it ends up that I am just plain wrong because then mother just ends up opening up her big mouth and starts to talk again. This seems to end up happening every single time something changes in my life, which makes me hate change and everything that comes with it even more.

So now that I am all stressed out I don't want to do anything but go up to my bed and forget that anything that happened tonight didn't happen. Now that I know about him I really don't want to have to go to school tomorrow and have to face Ryan again. But I know that I have to because I already missed half of the day today. So after they left I go and put on my most comfortable pajamas on, take out my hair, make myself a cup of tea, and sit on my bed and started to read my new book. It ends up that it is probably really bad that I am so into my book because I don't end up going to sleep until around 2:30 in the morning.

The next morning when I get waken up by mother I am utterly exhausted. So I quickly decided to go for a lazy day outfit because I can tell that I'm not going to care about what I am wearing since I am still half asleep. I just ended up throwing on a way too big Harvard sweatshirt with some of my favorite leggings and my old worn out combat boots. Then I just end up just throwing my hair up into a messy bun before I am ready to leave for the day. So by the time I am actually all ready to go to school mother had already left for the day and went to work. I am used to this because I'm used to leaving home alone, but usually it's not raining buckets outside, also my normal ride to school just ended up moving out from next door. Since Mr. Robertson used to drive me to school on the way to work whenever it was raining outside. So I guess that I just have to suit up and go and walk to school in the pouring rain.

Yes, this is going to be so much fun! Note the sarcasm in my thoughts about what is happening right now. I really love how I now have just another reason to hate change. But walking alone in the rain to school when your normal ride moved away is actually a good time to just think about what is going on. Well when I got just a little less than half way to school I saw a car coming in my direction so following my instincts I got out of its way. But as the car was coming closer to me I notice that it was Ryan driving in his black jeep. When he saw that it was me walking down the street he asked if I wanted to get into the car with him. So even though I told myself that I wanted to avoid him at all costs. But it ends up that I am actually really excited to see him right now because I don't want to walk in this rain anymore. So I guess that I am going to be driving the rest of the way to school with Ryan then.

So when I got into his car all I can say is that it was well very awkward, this is because we didn't talk at all the rest of the drive to school. But to make it even more awkward at least it was for me, he got out of the car first when we got to school. So I literally heard the girls in the front of the school ooh and aww when they saw him for the first time. Then of course everyone looked very confused when I got out of the car.

But actually it seems that I did just become the most popular girl in school for a second because I got out of the car. Because when I fully got out of the car I could just see all of the girls go up to each other and I could slightly hear them whispering to each other saying...

"Oh my god look at who that new hot guy is with, can you believe it?"

"Maybe she is more popular outside of school then we actually think?"

"Hey do you think if I asked she could get me a hot guy that that?"

I just felt completely disgusted right now! These popular girls that I have known since kindergarten and first grade are now noticing me. These girls haven't even taken a second to look at me, let alone talk to me but now they all are trying to see what I am doing. But when I end up walking into school with Ryan they automatically change and want to be best friends with me now. I really don't think so because they missed the chance to become friends with me ten years ago.

Ryan also noticing everyone being really weird so we start to walk inside, when we get inside Ryan asks me like a lost puppy. "Um, where is the office? So I can get my schedule." Ugh... why does he have to be so cute in general. Oh I want him to just get out of my head right now! I really just hope he has no classes with me so I can actually pay attention during class instead of just staring at him all hour.

"Oh yeah, I'll show you the way to the office. But just so you know it's just through the doors, down this hall, then it's the second door on the left." I say in reply to Ryan calmly so I sound as normal as possible while showing him the way.

So when we were walking through the halls we were just still getting all of these weird stares. It seems like they have never seen me before, or they are just starting to notice me for the first time. When we finally get to the office and he goes and gets his schedule, when he gets back he asks me if we can compare schedules just to see if we have any classes together. Again I say okay because I actually want to know also and of course my worst nightmare has come true with my luck we have four classes together throughout the day. We have the first two classes and the last two classes of the day together, well at least I get two hours in the middle of my day away from him.

So we walk to our first class together which is science with Mrs. Murphy, which I am actually really excited that he is in this class with me since this is the most boring class that I have and now I have Ryan to cheer me up. So when we get into the classroom Ryan gets put into the open seat next to me. Also since I am in four out of the six classes with him, he elects me to show him around the school and of course I question everything about why it was me that he chose.

Then when we were off to the second class of the day English Language Arts with Mr. Walters, who still acts like a teenager at heart which makes it one of the best classes of the day. Because he is a teacher that acts like all of us all of the time while he is teaching the class. Ryan just blended into what was going on during the class I don't even think anyone even realized that there was a someone new in the classroom.

Yes finally now I have my break without Ryan with my two favorite classes of the day. First off I have Chorus with Ms. Waldenmayer (Wall-De-Mujer). She is just so fun and cheerful so everyone just has a great time in her class because she turns what we are learning into a fun game or something along those line. The I have my second and last class of the day without Ryan. I have creative writing with Mrs. Mamasion. She just somehow gets the creative juices flowing from your brain onto your paper with her talking about events and it is just fantastic how it all works out. Especially since we always have projects where we get to share our stories with the rest of the class when we are done. Then after everyone in the class makes a sequel to your story for you so you can see how everyone thinks your story could turn out from their point of view. So it is always amazing to see how people react and think about something that you put your heart and soul into.

But now that that class is over with I have to got back to classes with Ryan. So the next class that we have is Math with Mrs. Chamberlin. Which I am feel like I am going to enjoy this class since she put Ryan on the other side of the room, so he's in the class but it is kind of like he's not there. I was really glad about this because it is kind of like I have another break from him since this is the first class that he is not somewhere by me.

Now that we are in the final class of the day I couldn't be happier that this long day is almost over with. Social Studies with Mr. Hamoud (hamoud) she is also one of the more laid back teachers that there is in the school. I like that she lets you talk, get up, and socialize when you're doing your work. Which I never end up doing anyways but it's nice to know that we can be independent in this class. So I end up usually just sitting alone but today Ryan comes over and sits by me in yet again another class but it's fine this time because we are actually talking now. I don't really mind this class since we don't have assigned seating. He chose to sit next to me which makes sense though since he doesn't really know anyone in this class but me anyways.

By the time the school day was over and I made my way back to Ryan's car I was finally relieved of all of my stress from yesterday and today. Even though I would have never guessed that this day would end up to be good, I actually have had one of the best days I have had in awhile. I think that I have finally found one those those upsides to having something change in your life. 

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