The Lost Princess

Raina Dalton is just your average shy girl. She is always compared to the Disney Princess Rapunzel, she never has thought that she was like her... Even though she kind if looks like her. But all of that will change when the new boy Ryan moves in next store. What will happen to them then will they go on adventures and fall in love like Rapunzel and Flynn did?


1. Chapter one

People say that everything happens for a reason, but is that all necessarily true? But whenever something happens to me it always ends up going terribly wrong. No matter what happens it never ends up and it always gets me thinking, why do these things always end up happening to me?

It may seem like I'm rude and narcissistic that I only think that bad things happen to me. For starters me, Raina Dalton has no friends at all. Also I have been cursed with the fact that I look exactly like the Disney Princess Rapunzel. But how would I really know that? I can only trust what mother tells me, since like I mentioned I have no friends to tell me if that is actually true or not. People have actually told me that I would most likely have more friends if I stopped worrying so much and didn't go by my scheduled routine everyday. Now I have realized that I go a little crazy when I get off of it, but it's what I've been doing for years so it seems silly to try and change my ways now.

The only thing that I know for sure right this second is that if I really were like Rapunzel, which I'm telling you that I am definitely not. I wouldn't stick by my normal schedules and rules like I do everyday of my life. I'd be free to do what I want to do, whenever I wanted to do it. But that's what Rapunzel would do not shy and boring Raina Dalton. What I have figured out so far is that I have absolutely no courage to do anything imaginable that is outside of my comfort zone. I have no bravery to just get up one day and think that today I'm going to be free and do something in the moment without thinking about how it could turn out. I have no grace or elegance to even barely pass me up as a normal girl let alone be like Rapunzel or a princess in general. But most of all the most important thing is that I have no mystery guy that shows up out of nowhere and figures out a way to show me all of the wonderful and terrible things that go on in life. If this hasn't been cleared up yet I think we can all agree that I don't have anything in common with the princess Rapunzel, well maybe nothing in common but this one tiny thing.

The one tiny little thing may not be as tiny as I am making it out to be. Because the one thing that me, Raina Dalton and the princess Rapunzel have in common is that we were both stolen from our parents when we were babies. Yes I know for a fact that we all know the story of Rapunzel and how she was taken by the witch when she was born because of her magical healing hair. But the kind of stollen that happened to me is well a lot different and I personally would say is worse. I was adopted when I was a baby. I get it, you must be wondering how I could possibly think being adopted is worse than actually being stolen. Well I think this because after everything that had happened in her life Rapunzel actually found her parents and they wanted her back. But the thing with me is that I most likely will live my whole entire life and never get the chance to meet my real parents. If I do ever get that rare opportunity they probably won't even want me back anyways. Because if they didn't want me back then, why would they want me now?

But I have to come back to reality, I can live in my wild fantasies about finding my parents and they actually wanting me back but I know that they won't get me anywhere. Since I can tell you right this very second that none of my many fantasies are ever going to end up coming true. I'm pretty certain that is part of the reason that mother named me Raina in the first place. No one actually knew what my name was when I was born so when my now mother adopted me, she got to name me. She told me that the name Raina comes from Poland, and in Polish Raina means Queen. My mother has also told me that people should have to learn that before you can become a Queen you have to be a Princess.

But another thing that I have figured out throughout the years is to be a princess that is able to turn into a queen you need to have a prince. The thing with me is that I probably won't have a prince, I don't have one now and knowing myself I won't have one for quite a long time. So hopefully I am right for someone out there in the world. I might never know him in my whole entire life. Sometimes I just sit around when I'm bored or have nothing to do and just daydream about what he is going to be like or how life would be when I finally get to meet him. Because I know a lot for my age, but definitely not enough about life in general. All I know is that he is out there somewhere, me, sixteen year old Raina Dalton is right for someone out there and is someone's lost princess. I will meet him someday maybe it was today, maybe it will be tomorrow, maybe it was yesterday, and maybe it will even be never, Being sixteen I hopefully won't have to worry about those things for a long time because my life just seems to be starting.



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