The Lost Princess

Raina Dalton is just your average shy girl. She is always compared to the Disney Princess Rapunzel, she never has thought that she was like her... Even though she kind if looks like her. But all of that will change when the new boy Ryan moves in next store. What will happen to them then will they go on adventures and fall in love like Rapunzel and Flynn did?


4. Chapter four

When I actually got back home I saw that mother was home from work already and waiting at the kitchen table for me waiting to know how my day went. I had to explain to her about how much fun I have had at school today and how it has probably been the best day of school yet this whole year. I personally just can’t believe how many classes that Ryan and I actually have together, and even though I wouldn’t tell anyone or try to make it obvious I am really happy about it.

“Raina how was your day at school today? Better than how yesterday turned out I hope.”

“Actually yes mother you are right today was way better than yesterday. Today didn’t seem to have started out real well since it started to rain while I was walking to school but then I saw Ryan driving by and he actually drove me the rest of the way to school.”

“Well that definitely was the nice thing to do, that boy just seems to be so generous to people around him.” Mother says interrupting me.

“Yes and then I showed him where the office was so that he could get his schedule. It just so happens that we even have four classes throughout the day together.”

“Wow that sounds like your day was great sweetheart.”

Wait what was all of that just about she only ever calls me ‘sweetheart’ when she is about to be telling me something important that often leads to change. Oh god I just really hope that this isn’t like what happened last time. The last time that she ended up calling me sweetheart she told me that she had gotten a boyfriend last year and everyone in this town can tell you how that one ended up turning out. She is still heartbroken about that one too still.

“Mother if it is alright I think that I am going to go up to my room to start my homework before we do anything else tonight.”

“Alright sweetheart I will call you down in a little while when it is time for dinner.”

“Okay mother I will make sure to come down by the time dinner is ready then.”

I hurry up the stairs and go into my room while shutting my door behind me. I really just hope that mother didn’t just realize that I was just lying to her. I actually don’t have any homework but after her just calling me sweetheart again just is too much right now and I really just have to think through this one. I get into my bed and pull out  my laptop and log into my account on which no one knows about. Well let me rephrase that a little bit, almost everybody knows about and is on this website that is my age, it is just that no one knows that I am one of the bloggers or advice givers on this website. I guess that this is where I have found that I can just be myself without anyone knowing that it is actually me behind the screen. I go under the username xoxoBrittenyxoxo since it is so generic it could be absolutely anyone. I have figured out that I give my best advice when I have a lot going on and a lot to think about in my life. Since it helps me think of something other than my problems that are going on in my life right then. So when I log into my account I see that I have two new notifications of people that need my help by giving them some advice. It just happens to be lucky for them since I am in my best advice giving mood this very moment. So as I read the first message before I reply...

Hi xoxoBrittenyxoxo

Please help me. I have just saw that my so called best friend is now dating my ex-boyfriend. I know that me and my ex have been broken up for some time now but my best friend should have known that ex’s are off limits. Well at least I think that they should be totally off limits.

Signed, Julie593

Well Julie593 the situation that you have on your hands is not so unique. This exact same thing is happening or has happened to a lot of girls just like you and me around the world. But if I personally was ever in this situation I would check to make sure this best friend of yours is actually a good friend. Because I absolutely agree with you on this one, I can see a normal friend maybe doing this to you but best friends should definitely know that ex’s are one hundred percent off limits. So I would go up to your friend and talk to her to see what is going on between them. Or you could if you wanted to (but only if you feel like you are comfortable enough) you could even go up to your ex and ask him what your best friend is doing. This personally has not happened to me yet but this same situation has happened to people at my school so I have seen people try this. Sometimes when you try this method it all ends up working out and everything goes back to normal. But some other times it happens that they just lie right in front of you about the two of them and it happens to be up to you at this point to figure out if they are actually a true friend to you or not.

I really hope this helped you from, xoxoBrittenyxoxo

One notification done, I really hope that I actually helped her since I am just was thinking of things that I think that would work in this situation. Since I have never even have had a boyfriend in my life to even be somewhat close to this situation I am trying to figure out ways to help her. Wow it just seems like people have super rough times with their friends. It kind of makes me happy a little bit that I have no friends because I won’t have anything like that happen to me. It is still sad that I have no friends but I don’t have to deal with all of these things that happen with friends or even people that are close. Well let’s just get going on the second notification that I have in my inbox.


Help me; I really want to ask this really hot guy out to our school dance next week. But all of my friends and I have already promised each other that we would all go together in a group and not get dates. But it's difficult because I feel like this could be my only chance to ask him. Thanks so much Britteny!

From, Ladybug101

Ladybug101, I can see what your problem is here. We are both kind of in the same boat right now. But I will try to tell you what I have been telling myself in this whole experience and see if it will end up helping you. So first you have to think to yourself and choose if your friends or this guy is more important to you. Yes I do understand that boys at this age and time are causing so many problems to people everywhere right around now it seems like. Because would you rather take a chance and try to maybe actually have a chance to ask the boy you really like out, which if you really like him and it’s your only chance you might want to do this. Or on the other hand if you want to be loyal to your friends about what you promised. I assume that if you all have been friends for a while so that you all would trust each other that you would all stay true to your promise and be a good friend. But I think that I have a solution for you, I am guessing that there would be more than one dance at your school so there is actually a chance for you to do both. So with your friends to this dance and have a good time with each other and show them that you are a good friend by sticking to your word. But at the next dance ask your crush if he would like to go with you and if he does say yes then you just got both things that you wanted to happen. But if it just happens that there is only one dance at your school or you don’t think that he will be available by the time the next dance comes around then I would actually do this… Tell your friends what you would like to do and see what they want you to do. They would let you do what you want to do if they were actually true friends and if not you would finally be able to see their true colors. If they would let you ask him out to the dance and then you can still see them and hang out with them at the dance it is just that you wouldn’t just be with them the whole entire time.But again you would possibly get both of the things that you want to do.

So I hope this really helps you from, xoxoBrittneyxoxo

Wow I really just love it when I get questions like this when I really get to put a lot of thought into these and I get to write them back long detailed messages. I guess I should actually be taking my own advice and do the same thing with Ryan. Wait no I can’t possibly do that when I am not on my laptop or on this website because not I am just Raina again. Not the great and wise advice giving Brittney that I try to pretend that I am.

When I am done with my advice on the website, I go back downstairs to see what mother wanted to say to me earlier since I never gave her the chance. Even though she hasn’t called me down that she needed me yet so hopefully this isn’t such a big deal like I am making it and hopefully mother has already forgotten about what it is by now. So when I head down the stairs and into the kitchen where I am assuming mother is since that is where she was when I left her when I went up stairs about a half an hour ago. When I get into the kitchen mother is sitting at the kitchen table muttering something under her breath that I can’t understand which I think she is thinking about something that is on her mind. Since She did not notice that I ever came down the stairs again so I quietly went around the table to sit in the chair next to her to see what is going on with everything today.

“Mother it seems like something is wrong, what did you want to talk to me about earlier when I went upstairs when I got home today?’

“Oh that was actually what I was just thinking about. Before I tell you anything I just want to let you know that it is one hundred percent your choice with whatever you would like to do. Also don’t you forget that I will be with you with whatever you choose to do when I tell you this news.”

“Well what is it then mother? Can you just tell me what it is already?”

“Well your parents, real parents, you know your birth parents.”

“What about my birth parents? What is going on with them? I didn’t even know that they were still out there somewhere.”

“Well Raina, Sweetheart, they are still out there. It also just happened that they contacted me while you were in school today and they were wondering if you would like to finally meet them. They told me that they wanted to straighten everything out with you in case you had any questions for them.”

“Would it be possible if I just go to bed right now so I can think through all of this tonight. This all just got thrown at me so I’d like some time to think about my decision.”

“Sweetheart whatever you end up wanting to do you just have to tell me and I can and will do it for you.”

“Thank you goodnight mother.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

I go upstairs yet again and this time put on my pajamas and get myself ready and into bed and start to think to myself about all of this. What I have decided so far is well of course I would want to meet them, it’s just that mother looked very awkward and timid about me thinking about doing this. What would she be like if I do decide to go through with actually meeting them for the first time ever? Would I be able to let her go through watching the daughter that she raised her whole life see her birth parents that have done nothing for me except wanting to see me now. Even if I do choose to go see them what would I even say or do with them? It is just I don’t get it if they wanted to be parents to me now then they should have chose to be a parent to me sixteen years ago. Well but then of course who wouldn’t want to finally meet their birth parents no matter how long ago it was. This is what I have been dreaming about for my whole entire life and it is just now that the day is coming that I possible could see them, do I really want to see them? Really do I want to see where I came from or do I just want to be who I grew up knowing who I am and just continue to imagine what could have been?


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