Everything is Gone...

Just a story about a guy and his best friend, until he loses her, then tries to get her back.


3. I'm going over

I'm going over


I wait in my room for Savvy to pull up in her black SUV. I spray some extra cologne on just for good luck then hear

the doorbell. I open it to see Savvy smiling up at me. I give her a big hug and walk her to her car. We get inside and I don't talk at all, because I'm awkward around parents. So I just took her hand in mine and enjoyed her company as we drove. 

We got to her house and just sat down on the couch, then turned the TV on to the FSU game today. I didn't really 

pay attention to the game, I was just looking at Savvy as she uploaded pictures from some car wash she has to do with the robotics club. 

She's beautiful... In words that cannot explain her beauty, because they do not give her enough justice. She's like

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, except she's more. She's Athena, the goddess of wisdom, but she's also got the heart of a goddess. Her smile could end wars, her eyes stare into your heart like it was an open door. Her lips could put you in a trance of which you'll never recover from. Her body could bring you in like a black whole and you'll never want to leave. She's got the heart, the brains, and the looks....

I'm in love with her... 

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