Everything is Gone...

Just a story about a guy and his best friend, until he loses her, then tries to get her back.


5. Homecoming (Game)

Homecoming (Game)

I pull up to the game with my friend, Colin and his brother Winston. I immediately spot out Savvy, on the left of the squad, right in front of the bleachers. I try to sit somewhere where she will be able to find me easily, so I make eye contact with her and walk up to my seat, hoping she would remember where I was. 

I just watched her cheer, and yeah I know that sounds creepy, but me and her had a weird relationship to begin with. But it was perfect nonetheless. 

I started talking to Colin and my other friend Alex, when this girl, Mia walks up and sits by us. I'd only talked to her one time before this so I don't really know her. We all just talk and laugh and have a good time. I try to get Savvy's attention a few times but she never seems to notice me. 

After the game ended, I tried to find her but I couldn't. So I just waited with Colin, until I see her. I walked up to her and gave her a hug, then after, Colin and I tried to convince her to come eat dinner with us tomorrow for homecoming, until her friend Lauren walks up and basically screams at us that they're not going to dinner. 

I got a little pissed off at that moment and just wanted to walk away. So I gave Savvy a hug and walked away. After I was about halfway across the football field, I took this green, plastic football and threw it as hard as I could just to vent off a little anger.

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