Everything is Gone...

Just a story about a guy and his best friend, until he loses her, then tries to get her back.


2. Everything's great

Everything's great

Savvy and I would stay up late texting each other pointless nothings, hardly talking about anything, really. 

But it suited me. Just having her around was good enough for me. She was an amazing girl, she was beautiful, she had long flowing brown hair, dazzling hazel eyes, her smile just made me melt, and her kisses took me under like the riptide of the ocean.

I'm in love with this girl. 

I walk out of class after school one day and see her, just standing in the hallway, waiting for cheer practice to 

start. I just run up to her and give her a big hug then kiss.

"I love you Savannah," I say slowly as I walk away.

That night I went to sleep thinking about her. It's become a habit by now. I had an amazing dream that I was 

sitting in this dim lit room, and Savvy walked up to me wearing this beautiful dress, then kisses me gently, but passionately. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back, longing for the feel of her body on mine. She then started to undress, telling me it was time. I just stared at her not even knowing what to do, finally I just mimicked her and did the same. After we got done undressing I just pulled her on top of me, kissing her nonstop until I almost passed out. That's when I woke up.

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