Everything is Gone...

Just a story about a guy and his best friend, until he loses her, then tries to get her back.


6. After the game

After the game

After the game Colin and I drove to the beach to go fishing with Winston and his friends. Everyone was drinking beer, besides Colin and I. Until someone asked me if I wanted some. Hesitantly I said sure, then took a sip. It tasted horrible. But I thought, if alcohol is supposed to take your mind off things. Then I might as well give it a try. 

So I chugged a few and almost threw up, then Savvy called me. 


-Hey, what's up?

-Nothing, just at the beach with Colin and Winston and his friends. 

-Oh that's cool.


Then there was silence for about a minute. Then she said;

-I gotta go.


-....I love you.

-I love you too...

Things were falling apart between us... I could feel it.  

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