Santa's Snowy Mountain

The story is to make people know the joy of christmas spirit and what it can bring.


1. The Naughty Or Nice

Chapter 1 Naughty or Nice

Day 1: When santa started his travels to the people down in the "Normal World",He saw so much joy and happiness,but when he looked over he saw a Naughty person.His name was Tommy.He saw Tommy stealing cash and change from a cash register. Santa said I half to do something about this! So Santa went back to the North Pole,with a angry Face.

Day 2: Once he got back to the North Pole,He went to print out a list of naughty and nice people.Though he just figured out that the whole consul was there. So he had to be happy with what he just saw. Then with the Tooth Fairy, Sandman,Father of Time,and of course Mother Nature. He started to print out the list of Naughty and Nice people. Naughty on the right with a red light and Nice people on the left with a green light. When the list started printing it started with good then bad them good,good then there was like 13 bads so then the list stopped with smoke coming out of it from all the bad people. So Santa said I knew this would happen. So he said maybe i's time to stop this. His daughter Kristi Clause said No! I'll make the people now how to feel good about christmas. I don't know lets see what tomorrow brings.So? said Kristi.Then her dad Santa Claus  said yes,but only to the evening of christmas eve. Ok,thanks Dad. Your welcome said Mr.Claus. What name did the list end on."The Slatens"  Oh yes the Slatens I saw one of them on my early run today.said Mr Claus. He was stealing money out of the cashier.

Day 3: Well, I know I can do this.Said kristi. Ok, I will send you of know but remember you have entell the evening on Christmas Eve.Ok I won't said Kristi. So when christi was going to the "Normal World",But at the "Normal World" the Slatens where being mean to there Nanny.So then the Nanny Left out throught the door. There dads Brother said to them why did you do that that wasn't very nice. So there dad got home from work,and once he herd that news he wasn't very happy. He said to the Kids you Have to start being nice to your Nannies. What is this like the 8th Nanny that left us in a weak. Then he turnned to his brother and said why didn't you call and to get a new one. Hist brother and because once I found out it was to late.Then with there dad trying to call to get a Nanny. Kriti a rived at there front door. She nocked on the door. The slatens dad open the door and said are you the nanny ? Yes,said Kristi.

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