Santa's Snowy Mountain

The story is to make people know the joy of christmas spirit and what it can bring.


3. The Christimas Spirit

Day 6: On wednesday Kristi went home becauase she got yelled to last night but because of santa still at hawii. With her older sister Vallery trying to make christmas horraible,but Kristi didn't give up she tried and tried. So when the slatens went on a trip so there dad can get to a business meating. When they made a stop the slatens Dad saw Kristi there drinkin hot coco. So there dad offered kristi back.The kids where not happy. While driving to the hotle there dad saw a moose and drove into a tree with everyone ok. They get out of the car. There dad fines a shack that has a basment and they stay there.The grown up go down stars and get food for them self and and the kids becasue they need to learn responability.

Day 7:On Christmas they kids wake up first tabbatha goes down stairs to get food to make the grown up breakfest in bed.

the boy was saying no i hate this,but later that day they learn that maybe its not the gifts that they get its there familey that spends time with them,but don't get me wrong Santa did come and give them gifts but before that I left out a part when a fire started while tabbatha and Tommy where doing the play. They wern't sure what to do but its what had to be done so when they got out of the house tabbatha went back in to get that angle on top of the tree. Her brother  charged in the house and saved her but sadley he was dying. So Krisi said this "Time, stand still, I order you,No minute pass until I'm through.Doing what I need to do,Time, stand still, I order you" Time Freezing Spell. Then kristi went back home talked to the tooth fary and give him her power of life but she woundn't remember where she came from so then now she was happy. This is what christmas is giving,resciving,and love So have a good time this year and never for get it.


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