Santa's Snowy Mountain

The story is to make people know the joy of christmas spirit and what it can bring.


2. How to Be a Good Nanny


Day 4:So when kristi wook up she went to cook breakfest. Then she got the kids up and first she went to the little girls room. She was named Tabbatha.She was 7 years old. Tabbatha was trying to be nice but she just got sick of Kristi on the frist day. So Tabbatha went to her closset and flipped on the swith. The switch was for to let her brother know that they needed a plan to get red of her. Then once they talked,Kristi had made supper and and she made ham with squash. The dads brother said this is great. Kristi said thanks. Then said so wheres your dad. The kids said he not very home at supper time.

Day 5: When everyone got dressed Kristi suggested that we get a tree to decorated. Then There dads brother Toney said thats a great idea. Of course the kids thought it was a bad idea,but once they got home and they put up the tree and  there dad came home. So then once there dad saw the tree he was so mad,because his wife died on christmas so he was so feareated with everyone so he wonted them to go to there beds,but later he said he was sorry to everyone. So with only two more days intell christmas everyone needed to learn how to respect one another.

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