Falling Far

A boy named Devja made a mistake. He decided he was bored with his own world and wanted adventure, so he bargained with a strange man to get one. He probably shouldn't have. Since he made the bargain, he's been thrown into a world full of terror and mystery. A fake reality, remembering nothing of his past. He must complete the puzzle to escape. Will he do it? Or will it just bring more problems?


1. Before the beginning



Another boring night of doing absolutely nothing with myself but sleeping in trees. I was getting sick of this- the pointless life I lived. I killed expertly, sure, no one ever found me. But what was the point in it? Honestly, nothing. No point at all. It was becoming so boring. I got nothing out of it except corpses. It did cheer me up sometimes, I guess, but it wasn't enough. I needed meaning; a point to my own selfish existence. A task to complete, a task that would almost send me over the edge. I needed adventure and danger that would spiral out of control and me into insanity.

So how could I refuse to play this little game of his?

Looking into the eyes of what could only be a psychopath, I could only grin, realizing I was looking into the eyes of a man that could easily be me. No... not man. Monster.

Was that what I had become? A monster? It must be, but I found I really didn't care, too fixated on the monster in front of me rather than the one inside of me.

Whilst I waited for It to stop talking, I studied the monsters eyes. They were so old, so worn. They'd seen much, I guessed. Bad and good. They gleamed dangerously, almost playfully. I should have been scared, but I was only excited.

It must have realized I wasn't paying attention. That, or It saw me grinning as I imagined what to come.

"Ready to play, m'boy?" It asked, voice as fine as leather and lips twisting upwards in a menacing grin that sent shivers down my spine. Not from fright, no, but because this was actually happening. I was adding a point to my life as I took others.

"Hells yeah." I replied easily, leaning forward to get a better look through the dark, trying to match Its blood curdling grin. "Let’s go."

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