Two Angels and a Girl

A poem about two angels


1. Two Angels and a Girl


All I wanted was to look away,

But I knew that I had to stay

I watched my sister cripple in pain,

Her screams of agony, all in vain.


Her clammy hands clutched the sheets, oh so white

As she lay on the hospital bed with so much fright

'Give up,' I heard her husband softly mutter

But I knew she was a winner, not a quitter.


Nine months she nurtured the little miracle

Only for it she took so much care and hassle

Eating better, exercising, checking and obsessing

There was no chance that at this point she would give in


'We can save only one,' the doctor said

But she refused to let her baby be dead

With her demand and wishes we had to comply

Talking about the memories we shared, together we cry


When the time crept very close

I was asked to go, wait behind the door

The anticipation made me shiver with fear

I didn't want to lose someone who to me is dear


Dear God, I haven't done this in a really long while

But please don't let my only role model die

She has been my sister, mother and best friend

With her, I want more quality time to spend


As I watched the light on the door turn green to red

My guts negativity told me she is already dead

My heart refused to accept the broken fact

Even when the doctors silence told its all over


That night an angel in the white room died

That night a lonely girl in a corner cried

That night another angel was born, I was told

But that angel was born without a soul.



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