Reading "A Nobody"

Everything was normal in Collingswood Highschool. Populars with the populars. Nerds with the nerds. Outcasts with the outcasters. And so on.

But until one day, last period of the day, Holly Knight, an outcast, leaves her "Spanish notebook" in class and Luke Hemmings, a popular, picks it up, but she's already gone. But nobody knows about his long time crush on Holly Knight and since she drop her notebook this finally gives him chance to talk to her.

Until after school is when he actually finds out what is in the notebook. It's not her Spanish notes, but actually her journal hidden as a Spanish notebook. Everything to her deepest thoughts to what she likes in a guy...

Luke never thought this would be the way he'd be able to get to know Holly. But he might just use it for his advantage...

To find out what happens, find out by reading, Reading "A Nobody"


4. Trouble In Paradise

Luke's P.O.V


        It has been over a month being with Holly and us becoming friends again. I've also read more of her journal entries learning more about her and how she's been feeling these last couple years. It's been good being able to reconnect with my past relationship with Holly and I hope to move forward in a way of becoming a couple.

        But I do worry that some things from the past do come back to haunt you and I don't want that to happen when things are going so well.


       "Hey Lukey Pooky!" A cheery voice yells across the hall, when I know it's the only person who calls me that atrocious pet name. It's been years since we last spoke to each other, it was the end of eighth grade when she left for another school. Though I never admitted it, I was glad she had left for another school, she was one of the worst people I've ever dated. Attaching herself like a leech to me as she literally sucked the living life out of me as she would never leave me alone. She had came up with that stupid name and told her on many occasions to never call me that, but she never listened. But she also caused other people trouble too with her possessive behavior over me such as my friends and other girls who dared to even be around me. It was a curse to mention her name in the halls of our school, everyone has had a bad taste in their mouth just talking about her. Kasandra Dixon. When people often considered her character traits, they didn't spell crazy the normal way they meant KRAZY.

         Facing my locker, pulling out my books for the first couple periods of the day, I sigh heavily before planting a fake smile on my face and turn around saying with a great amount of energy, "Hey Kasandra! How have you been?" Though it was only a few seconds ago seeing her across the hallway, she was already standing super close behind me when I had fully turned around, so close that I took a step back to get some more space but only for her to take another step towards me.

       "I've been good but now I'm greater. I've moved back Lukey Pooky and I'm going to be attending this school with you!" Kasandra cheered hugging me tightly while jumping with excitement as I manage an uncomfortable laugh patting her shoulder.

      "Great," I say with no excitement in my voice. She pulls back from the hug showing a bright smile then she adds, "I've requested to have my schedule adjusted to yours, so I can be by your side all day. Oh how I've missed you Lukey Pooky."

     "Hmm," I hum eyes wide in a higher tone voice surprised because not believing my ears. Every. Single. Period. With KRAZY Kasandra? It's a nightmare just having her in one of my classes, but all of them? I might as well die now before she sucks away my life.

    She spins around to call out some other person's name and run over to them. I release a big sigh turning to close my locker door and start walking to my first class of the day when Calum falls into step beside me.

   "Hey dude," I greet.

   "Hey. KRAZY Kasandra is back," he sighs.

  "Yeah I know, she just stopped by my locker to tell me. She also told me that she had her schedule adjusted to mine so we're in every class together...." 

      "Dude, I'm so sorry. I feel really bad for you. Good luck," he empathizes, giving me a pat on the shoulder before leaving for his class.


      Luckily the people who made schedules for students didn't listen to her request but I don't know how long this will last considering I went through all my morning classes without her in any of them, but the end of the day classes were yet to come and who knows if she will be in any of my classes. 

     It is my lunch period and I know if I make the mistake of showing my face in the cafeteria, Kasandra will be all over me like ants on picnic meal on a summer day. So I take my time at my locker and immediately try to come up with a plan to escape my impending doom that awaits me in the lunch room. I need to think fast because the hallway is clearing to only a few students, then soon a teacher will come by  and write up those who are not in the lunch room.

     I close my lockers, place my lock on the door and snap it into place. I turn around to see Holly still standing at her locker searching for something. Without even realizing it, I am already standing behind her, my lips next to her ear, and say a low voice, "What are you looking for?"

     She jumps up in shock, accidentally shuts her her locker door, then spins around to look at me with frightened eyes but as her eyes met mine, she relaxes and takes a deep breathes, "Luke, don't do that! You almost scared me to death. Jeez."

    As she turns back around to open her locker door again, I stand behind her snickering.

      "That wasn't funny."

    I twirl her around so she is facing me to find her secret smile she was hiding. Holly starts to blush brightly with her smile faltering, then I realize how close we are to each other. Our noses were only an inch apart from each other, my arms were wrapped around her waist, her hands placed lightly on my chest, as I was staring into her warm brown eyes. Every part of me was yelling to kiss her, but I couldn't. Not yet.

     I blush and let go of her, as she turns around once again to look in her locker for something. She clears her throat and ask, "So um, how's your day going?"

     I place my back against the cold locker next to hers, rub my hands down my face, and sigh, "Terrible."

    "Really?" She asks peering out from behind her locker door.

     "Yeah, it's because-"

   Suddenly I am cut off by the sound of a teacher's voice further down the hall coming this way as she says sternly, "You're late, detention. Now get to lunch."

     "We have to go," I say in a harsh whisper, closing Holly's locker door, and placing her lock on her locker.

    "But I need my lunch money and my books," she exclaims in a hushed tone.

      "Nope, not where we are going," I say smirking.

   I grab her hand, intertwining our fingers together, and make a dash out the side door where the outside world has provided us with a cool, breezy, sunny day.


      We slow our pace to a brisk walking speed towards a pizza shop around the corner. During this time, we don't exchange any words but we sit in a comfortable silence which is calming and relieving. When we arrive, we order our slices of pizza and once payed for, we make our way back to school. But instead of silence between us, we decide to talk to each other.

      "So, you want to continue your explanation of your terrible day," Holly asks taking a bite out of her pizza.

      "Well this morning was swell until Kasandra Dixon, you know the KRAZY one that moved away in eighth grade, well she announced to me and other people around the school that she is back," I say taking another bite of my pizza.

    Holly begins to cough and then exclaims, "I've been hearing that around school, but I thought it was some sort of joke or something. I actually never believed that she was actually back."

      "Yup. She requested to be in all of my classes with me, but I'm so happy that she isn't in any of my classes yet and I hope it stays that way. During every break between periods, she finds me and begins to talk non-stop, so there was no way I could step foot into that lunchroom without dying."

    We begin to get closer to school with just our crust left to eat from our pizzas. We finish them off then throw our plates out in a outside trash bucket and walk into the school once again. The hallways are crowded with students which means lunch is over and we must get back to class.

     "Good luck," Holly turns to me with a tight lipped smile and a pat on the back.

   "You too," I say, but not really knowing what I mean by it but also know what I mean. She gives me a firm nod of the head before walking over to her locker.

    I walk over to my locker and get my books for the rest of the day. When I turn around, there I see a waving hand pushing through a crowd and the screeching voice calling out, "Lukey Pooky!" But instead of waiting, I take a deep breath and walk in the other direction of my class. 

     This school year was supposed to be our year to relax and not worry about anything. 

     But I guess I was wrong.

     There seems to be trouble in paradise.

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