Reading "A Nobody"

Everything was normal in Collingswood Highschool. Populars with the populars. Nerds with the nerds. Outcasts with the outcasters. And so on.

But until one day, last period of the day, Holly Knight, an outcast, leaves her "Spanish notebook" in class and Luke Hemmings, a popular, picks it up, but she's already gone. But nobody knows about his long time crush on Holly Knight and since she drop her notebook this finally gives him chance to talk to her.

Until after school is when he actually finds out what is in the notebook. It's not her Spanish notes, but actually her journal hidden as a Spanish notebook. Everything to her deepest thoughts to what she likes in a guy...

Luke never thought this would be the way he'd be able to get to know Holly. But he might just use it for his advantage...

To find out what happens, find out by reading, Reading "A Nobody"


5. My Apologies-Author's Note


         I just want to start this off by saying sorry because I know I haven't updated in a WHILE. 

         But the thing is when writing this fanfiction, I guess I'm not as happy with the idea of the story like I originally was in the beginning when I had started writing it. So I started to procrastinate about writing this story and sometimes felt like it was more of a chore than an actual fun fanfiction to write. So I will say that I am discontinuing this story and maybe even delete it too. I like my writing to be a fun creative thing and something I want to do on my free time but this story just doesn't seem to be fun for me to write anymore. So maybe within 24 hours this story will be deleted. Also during that time I wasn't writing this story, I was writing other stories or short writing prompts. I'm currently writing a novel that I hope will one day get published (but that's one far fetched dream). I hope you stay around for other content because there will probably be other fanfictions or fiction stories that won't be specifically 5 Seconds of Summer related.

        So I hope to see you around and if you want to, you can check out my other story that is actually finished called A Living Nightmare. It's a 5sos fanfic with a twist, so you might enjoy. 


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