Reading "A Nobody"

Everything was normal in Collingswood Highschool. Populars with the populars. Nerds with the nerds. Outcasts with the outcasters. And so on.

But until one day, last period of the day, Holly Knight, an outcast, leaves her "Spanish notebook" in class and Luke Hemmings, a popular, picks it up, but she's already gone. But nobody knows about his long time crush on Holly Knight and since she drop her notebook this finally gives him chance to talk to her.

Until after school is when he actually finds out what is in the notebook. It's not her Spanish notes, but actually her journal hidden as a Spanish notebook. Everything to her deepest thoughts to what she likes in a guy...

Luke never thought this would be the way he'd be able to get to know Holly. But he might just use it for his advantage...

To find out what happens, find out by reading, Reading "A Nobody"


3. Movie Night In Gone Wrong?

*Luke's P.O.V.*

   Friday was amazing. No it was fantastic. It feels like I've been drifting on the cloud ever since and daydreaming any chance I have about Holly. During this state of mind, my mom takes advantage of me to ask question about Holly, which I don't mind because it's on the subject of Holly. 

    I can't even focus on my homework, it's like my mind has been taken over by Holly. So I put my homework aside and pick up my phone. With the night coming to end on Friday, we exchanged numbers before we slipped out of each other's sight. And today's my chance to be able to use her number.

     L: Want to chill at my place and watch movies?

     A few moments go by before receiving a message from Holly.

   H: Sure, what time should I be over?

    L: 8 tonight, bring all you got.

   'Bring all you got' is the saying we used to say when one of us has to bring basically every snack they have.

    H: Only if you'll provide popcorn.

     L: Of course.

    H: Then see you later tonight then :p

    L: I'll be there :)

     I pick up my pencil and go full speed ahead on my homework to try and get this over so I can prepare. 


    I fold up a blanket and place on top of the couch just in case it gets a bit chilly. I double check everything so nothing will be ruined. Movies? Check. Chips? Check. Soda? Check. Candy? Check. Popcorn? ... I forgot the popcorn!

    I walk into the kitchen and find a packet of popcorn then place it in the microwave to heat it up. As it cooks, I pull out my phone to check if I have any more text from Holly but only see that I have a text from Calum asking if I want to hang out with the guys. But I text back that I'm busy and when I hit send the microwave beeps indicating the popcorn is done.


~Calum's P.O.V~

   "Get your legs off of me!" I yell at Michael.

    "Nah I'm good," he sighs putting his hands behind his head.

   Ashton sits next to me on the couch with a bag of chips and asks, "Have you heard back from Luke?"

   Just as I'm about to answer my phone buzzes and I pick it up to see he replies with I'm busy.

    "Yup, he said he busy," I say exaggerating busy and shake my head.

   "He blew us off yesterday too," Ashton says with curiosity.

     " I think it's that girl he likes, what's her name?" Michael asks.

    "Hailey? No. Molly, I think," I say trying to figure it out then my phone starts ringing and I look to see it's Luke calling.

     "Hello?" I call into the phone, "Hello? Luke?"

    Michael mouthes, "It must be a butt dial."

     Then I hear something in the background where Luke is. Then I hear small talking which I can just barely make out with a girl's voice, and I know it's not Luke's mom because I know her voice. And I hear Luke laughing. It must be this Molly girl.

    I hand up the phone and start smirking.

    "What is it Calum? You have that look as if you thought of something good," Michael smirking along with me.

   "Yeah, what is it?" Ashton asks crunching on his chips.

    "We're about to crash someone's party. Come on you guys," I say getting up, dropping Michael feet on the ground, and grabbing my mom's keys.


~Luke's P.O.V.~

   "So what movie do you want to watch?" I ask pointing to the stack of movies.

   "Oooh," Holly knocks down to her knees to look through the pile of movies on the coffee table.

   I pour all our candy into one combination in a bowl and mix it up and I do the same with the chips. When I finish combining them is the time Holly decides on what she wants to watch.

     "Here, I hope you can handle it," Holly smiling and handing me a movie. I take it in my hands and read the case, Cabin In The Woods. The only reason we have this movie is because my mom and her friends get together for movie night every once in a while and they wanted to see this. Personally I can watch scary movies but I do get creeped out by them and get paranoid for like a week and not sleep at night. But after that I'm fine.

    "Yea only to a certain extant," I reply.


     "Nothing," I go over to the DVD player and retractable movie disc holder. I watch it slowly disappear into the machine...

     I get up and turn off all the lights and lay down next to Holly on the couch where she already starts eating the popcorn with some Twizzlers, the perfect combination. I grab the bowl of candy and start eating some gummy worms.

   Just as the main characters are on their way to their cabin, the doorbell rings. " I'll get it," I say getting off the couch.

   " I'm going to pause it, plus I have to go to the bathroom," Holly says getting up to walk to the bathroom.

  "Okay," I say smiling, and whisper," Scaredy cat."

   "What did I just hear Luke Robert Hemmings?" She growls and gives me a glare that could kill.

    My smile drops immediately because I don't want to die today and reply, "Nothing."

   "Like I thought," Holly says and lightens on the deathly glare, then leaves.

  The door bell is now ringing like crazy, so I run to the door to answer.

   "Yes?" I say swinging open the door all the way.

   "Hey Luke," Calum says walking in.

   "Yeah hey Luke," Ashtons says walking right behind Calum.

  "Hey man," Michael cheers and slaps my shoulder then walks in.

    "It was great to let us over and you said you were busy," Calum says laughing at the last part.

  "Yeah dude, you're awesome for clearing your schedule like that man. All for your friends," Michael says patting my back really hard.

  " Is that popcorn I smell?" Ashtons inquires.

   "Ooh yeah I smell popcorn too,I hope made some for us too buddy," Calum smiles and they start walking into the living room.

  As Michael passes by he exclaims, "I love popcorn!" and follows them into the living room.

   I take a few moments to process what just happened and then I finally close the front door. I run into the kitchen and put on another bag of popcorn and then continue into the living room to see them lounging on the couch Holly and I were laying on and the other couch, while eating the snacks.

   "Can you guys leave? I'm hanging out with someone right now and I just want to be alone with them," I beg.

  "We just got here. The party is just starting and you want us to leave?" Michael asks.

   " How rude. I thought we were friends?" Ashton asks.

      "Yeah," Michael and Calum say in unison.

 "We are friends but right now is not a good time. Later we'll hang out," I say.

   "Awe," they all groan together. Then Holly walks into the room saying, "Sorry Liz and I got caught up talking to each other on my way back."

   Then she sees the guys sitting on the couches and before she can ask anything, the guys start welcoming her and hugging her.

  "Hey Molly!"

  "How you doing, Molly?"


  They all give her a group hug and just Holly smiles at me.

    "They're my idiot friends Ashton, Calum, and Michael," I say pointing to each of them as I named their names, "And they came here on purpose because they knew I was hanging out with you and wanted to mess with me."

    "What? No," they say together with the evidence of the lie in their voices as they hold onto Holly.

  But they immediately break and start begging Holly to let them stay.

   "Molly please let us stay! Luke wants to throw us out on the cold hard street to hang out with you and you're only savior!"

    "Yeah and he bailed on us yesterday too."

      "Please Molly! Please! I don't want go back into the cold, dark, world. I will starve and freeze to death!"

  I roll my eyes and say, "They're over reacting. They obviously drove here since none of them live really close to me and cars have HEAT. Plus the last time I checked each of your moms go shopping, so there is food in your houses."

     "How do you know that? We haven't hung out since school on Friday and a lot of things could've happened and you wouldn't have known since you gone all AWOL on us," Calum says.

  " I decide to cancel you guys one time that I'm not sick and you guys go this far because you miss me?"

  "Yes. Without you to be our peacemakers, we become animals and make poor decisions like right now," Calum explains, "So can we stay?"

    Michael, Ashton, and Calum give me puppy dog eyes and pout. And as I think I moan trying to decide to let them stay or kick them out. Then Holly speaks up, "Can we keep them? They're so adorable and I doubt they'll do us any harm. Please." Then she gives me also the puppy dog eyes and starts to pout with them.

   "Fine, but behave," I warn, "By the way her name is Holly, not Molly."

    "Yay!" They all cheer together.

   "Thank you Holly! And sorry for the name miscommunication," Michael, Ashton, and Calum apologize one by one.

   Michael comes over to hug me and when he releases he says, "Thanks buddy. I thought we had go onto plan B which was to kidnap Holly when we were hugging her. So...good choice!"

  "Wait. What?" I ask again, not believing the words I just heard.

  "Oh nothing! That was the past! So what you guys watching?" Michael says turning around to look at the TV.

    "Cabin In The Woods," Holly responds sitting down on the couch.

  " I've been wanting to watch this movie," Michael says sitting on the couch next to Holly.

   " Uh uh down boy," I say to Michael.


    "Down," I say sternly.

    Michael slides off the couch and onto the floor.

     "Good boy. Now you're treat is in the microwave, I made more popcorn," I smile.

    "Ooh," Michael hurries off the floor and dashes into the kitchen.

     Ashton is about to sit on the couch that Holly and I were sitting on, but I wave my finger, "Uh uh. If you guys want to stay here, you have to sit on the other couch because this couch is Holly and I's for the movie."

    "But the other couch only fits up to two adults and probably only three small children," Calum says.

   "That's you're fault for wanting to hang out with me on your own time, now sit and be quiet," I sigh sitting next to Holly.

    Calum and Ashton don't argue and they sit down on the couch looking very uncomfortable with no room to stretch out. I grab the bowl filled with popcorn and start eating, when Michael came back with the other bowl of popcorn, I start the movie again.  Then Michael asks, "Where am I suppose to sit?"

     I point to the floor where Ashton's and Calum's legs are and he just sits down quietly at their feet.

   "Aren't you being a little hard on them?" Holly whispers taking some popcorn from the bowl.

    "Nah," I say shaking my head," You should see them when I'm alone with them, I can barely control them, they are total animals. Plus they were going to kidnap you if I to have said no."


   Once getting into the movie, I admit I jumped a few times, Michael hid behind his bowl of popcorn and jumped at the scary parts, Ashton and Calum held onto each other like their lives depended on it, and Holly basically had no reaction to it all.

   But once it was over, Michael was the first to speak, "I will never think of unicorns the same way ever again, that was terrible. That movie is so messed up."

   I nodded my head along with Holly, Calum, and Ashton. The horrific image kept replaying in my head and so did all the other deaths with the other creatures did too. I'm never going camping.

   We sit in a few moments of silence until I break the ice with,"Well let's get this place cleaned up."

   I get up off the couch and take the bowls into the kitchen to wash. Michael gets the broom and dustpan to sweep up his spilled popcorn off the ground. When I'm done, I go walk back into the living room, I plop on the couch again next to Holly.

   "You guys are babies, that wasn't scary. But I do admit it was bit disturbing," Holly says.

    "No we aren't," I defend.

   "Yeah you guys are. You guys are all quiet so I'm guessing you guys are all still in shock."

    "No we are not and the reason I'm quiet is because my whole childhood has been ruined," Calum argues then crosses his arms.

   "Just to mention, I've always wanted to play hiding seek after watching a scary movie-" before Holly could finish her phrase, Michael, Calum, and Ashton yell, "NOOOO!!!"

     Holly and I start laughing hysterically as they give Holly bizarre looks. When I start to breathe normally, I inquire, "Well that answers your question."

      I lift myself from the couch slowly dreading the nights end, but it has to happen. "So guys it's time for the night to come to an end because my mom doesn't like me staying up late on school nights, so yeah," I announce.

    Everyone rises from their spots, doing varieties of different stretches before walking into the front door way. I help Holly put on her coat, holding it for her and when she has her coat on, I bend down and whisper in her ear, "Hold on for a moment."

      The boys open up the door, walk to Calum's mom's car, and pile in turning on the car engine. Holly turns to me and asks concerned, "What is it?"

      "I just wanted to ask you a question, it's no biggie. I was just wondering if you had a good time considering that my friends crashed by," I explain.

      "Yeah, I had a great time. They were actually pretty fun to hang out with," Holly smiles.

     "Okay, I'm glad you enjoyed it," I say as I wrap my arms around her and press my lips against her forehead. Holly wraps her arms around me and gives me a tight squeeze.

    "Hey guys," I hear my mom say as we both jump and let go of each other, "Where are the boys? I heard them earlier."

    I point outside to their car but not noticing my mom face before it was too late. With facial mask on making her face an odd dark color, she waves and yells to them, "Bye boys!"

    They all turn to her and scream. Calum speeds away, skidding the tires against the road leaving gas behind and tire marking in the street. Holly and I begin cracking up as my mom wonder what is wrong with them.

   "Nothing, they are just scaredy cats," Holly answers.

    "Bye Holly and thanks for the facial mask, it feels great," my mom says walking upstairs.

   "No problem," Holly calls out after her. Then she turns to me, smiling, and says her last words of the night, "Goodnight Luke."

   She waves at me and I say goodnight back to her while waving back to her. She walks over to her car, turns it on, and pulls away. I close the door slowly with a smile still glued onto my face and begin counting the hours until I get to see Holly again.

   Goodnight Luke.





    I'm back. 

    Time to get this party started....

    Of course when I mean party, I mean this book. 

   Things may start heating up soon, so sit down and enjoy the ride.


Don't forget if you haven't checked out A Living Nightmare, you should but you don't have to. 




P.S. Cabin In The Woods is a pretty messed up movie. I've seen it.

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