Reading "A Nobody"

Everything was normal in Collingswood Highschool. Populars with the populars. Nerds with the nerds. Outcasts with the outcasters. And so on.

But until one day, last period of the day, Holly Knight, an outcast, leaves her "Spanish notebook" in class and Luke Hemmings, a popular, picks it up, but she's already gone. But nobody knows about his long time crush on Holly Knight and since she drop her notebook this finally gives him chance to talk to her.

Until after school is when he actually finds out what is in the notebook. It's not her Spanish notes, but actually her journal hidden as a Spanish notebook. Everything to her deepest thoughts to what she likes in a guy...

Luke never thought this would be the way he'd be able to get to know Holly. But he might just use it for his advantage...

To find out what happens, find out by reading, Reading "A Nobody"


1. Lost Notebook

*Luke's P.O.V*

  "Hasta luego," Ms. Karber says as the bell rings signaling the end of the day.

    I close my notebook and throw it in my book bag along with my other books. As I stand up from the ultimate torture device that the school calls a chair, I avert my eyes to the one and only Holly Knight. Her shoulder blade length hair flows behind her as she rushes out the room along with other anxious students. 

  To give you an idea of what she looks like, her height comes up to at least my chest, has hazel eyes, has dirty blonde hair, and is the type of girl who wears converse with different colored jeans and wears many band shirts or shirts with quotes or shirts with something funny written across it.

  And in this school to survive, you have to stay in your social status. But I do not believe in the "social status," everyone should get along with each other and of course I've tried explaining this to my friends, but they started to think I was crazy. So I've asked where Holly would be on this "social status" and it took them awhile to figure out who Holly was, but the answer of that she's an outcast. Which I couldn't believe-

  "Mr. Hemmings!" Ms.Karber says snapping her fingers in my face,"It's time for you to leave my class and go home."

   I nod quickly and look around the room to find everyone has left, but then my eyes land on a blue notebook with "Spanish" written at the top of it. I walk over to it and pick it up to see who it belongs to...the name Holly Knight was sketched on the bottom right corner. 

  "Uh Ms.Karber, Holly left her notebook," I say holding up her notebook.

    "You've got hands and legs, go give it to her. You see her more than I do, plus I need to get going because I have a very important date to get to. Now if you could get on your way, I can get on mine," Ms. Karber sighs putting her folders into her bag.

   My body goes numb just thinking about giving her notebook back to her. As if you haven't notice, I have a huge crush on Holly since first grade when we were friends. But things happened and we stopped talking to each other, but I've missed being with her. We did the craziest things together, we were partners in crime. You're probably wondering, why don't you just talk to her? I was too nervous and still currently too nervous after being seperated. 

  I walk out the class room and go to my locker to drop off unnecessary books and pick up the ones I will need for my homework. With Holly's notebook still in my hand, I walk out of the school doors and into the parking lot where Michael, Calum, and Ashton are waiting for me. Michael and Calum are throwing a football around while Ashton is trying to figure out his math homework.

  I met Michael in third grade after Holly and I were friends. When Michael and I met, we hit off really well and became friends. Then in fourth grade, we became friends with Calum and then in sixth grade, Ashton moved here and we all became friends. And later in middle school, we had become one of the populars and still are.  

  "Football practice is cancelled. Coach Zinger has a date tonight and knows he doesn't need to waste his time on a team that wins every game," Michael says tossing the ball to Calum.

  Calum catches it and says,"Yeah, we're just too good."

   I'm still caught on the thought about how coach Zinger has a date tonight and how Ms.Karber also has a date too. Interesting. But I doubt they are going out.

  Michael catches the ball one last time before saying," Okay, I gotta get home to watch my bratty little sister."

  I smirk and say,"I find her adorable."

    "Yeah that's just a cover. You need to see her when it's just me and her, it's a stand off to who's really in charge," He says taking his keys out of his pocket.

  We all pile into the car and buckle up for the ride home. We stop to get gas for the car and while we are waiting for the guy to finish putting gas in the car, Calum gets curious. 

   "Who's notebook is that?" Calum asks raising his eyebrow.

  "Why do you want to know?" I ask.

   "Because I do. I already know it's not yours because first off all you always put your books in your bookbag and the writing on that notebook it too girly. I've seen your writing, not the best. So who's notebook is it?"

  "None of your bees wax."

   "Fine...looks like I'm going to have to take it myself," Calum says and snatches Holly's notebook out of my hands.

  I stretch my arms out to try and get the notebook back, but Calum is already leaning forward and slapping my hands as he reads out loud.

   " Spanish. Belongs to Holly Knight," he flips open the notebook and turns a couple pages before saying," What do we have here? A secret journal?"

  With that said Michael perks up, now with all ears, he's listening. I still scramble to get the notebook back as he tries to read.

  "The name of this journal is 'A Nobody'," he clears his throat and reads in a high pitched voice,"So I really don't know how to start these things. A journal or whatever, but it's going to be called a nobody because that's what I am. Well in school and I prefer it that way."

  I get even more angry and lunge for him in the passenger side as Michael laughs his head off. Ashton keeps on ignoring us and trying to do his math homework. Calum unbuckles himself and runs out the car with the notebook. I climb over the passenger side and run after him. 

  He continues to read her journal out loud as he runs and I tell him to give it back repeatedly. He finally stops running and reading the journal out loud, which I've totally blocked out the reading. Now he stands with the notebook dangling over a big puddle of water.

  "Just tell me one thing, why do you care so much? If this were some other girl's journal, you've been laughing along with Michael and I."

   "Because Holly and I used to be friends and we haven't talked since like first grade."

   "I think this is more than just old school buddies. Tell me or else the notebook gets it."

  I stare down at the big puddle of water and think about how I would tell her journal got destroyed because of me.

  "Fine...I like her," I mumble the last part.

  "What was that?"

   " I like her. I have a crush on her okay. Since first grade."

  Calum smirks and hands the notebook back to me. We walk back to the car and leave the gas station.

  "Guess what guys?" Calum asks.

  "What?" Comes from Michael and Ashton who is now done his math homework.

  "Luke likes Holly Knight!" Calum keeps singing it over and over while the other guys give a "Oooh".

  "Shut up." I say blushing staring out the window at the passing cars.


   "Ugh!" I moan into my soft pillow.

   It is 10 pm and I just got finished my homework. Why do they give so much, it's so stressful! I'll start losing hair before I'm 20 with all the work they give.

   I stay laying like this for a good 10 minutes before my mind starts to wonder over to Holly's journal that is laying right next to me... I sit up and grab her journal, as I'm about to open it, my guilt starts kicking in.

  This is invading her privacy, I can't do this.

 I let go of the big breathe I was holding in and play with the pages of her notebook. As I'm about to set the book down, a thought comes into mind by the little devil that sits on my shoulder.

   It wouldn't hurt to read one entry to see what's been happening in her life... 

  The thought takes over and I flip open to one of entries she has written. Soon enough I'm reading more than one entry. With the total of 44 entries, I've only read 4 long entries and force myself to stop. 

    With reading her journal I found out that she has older sister Laura and how she is jealous of how Laura always can get a guy, but she can't even get one guy. But never mentions her older brother James, which I found weird.  She also talks about her little sister Riley, which I still remember, and how stubborn she is and annoying. She also mentioned normal things like school, family, and homework. But I did find a list of bands she likes and her favorite songs by them.

  Maybe I start a conversation about one of her favorite bands or something?

 Thanks to the internet, I started looking up these bands and listening to their songs, especially Holly's favorite songs. While doing so I came across some concert tickets to see The Neighbourhood for this weekend on Saturday.

    Hopefully she'll be free on Saturday.

   I print out the tickets and continue to listen to her favorite bands and I soon start jamming out to the songs. I am personally starting to like them myself. I start getting ready for bed and start mentally and emotionally preparing myself to ask Holly to the show since tomorrow is Friday. I fall asleep fast while still listening to her songs.


  It's Friday. I start freaking out and start thinking this might be too far of a move, but I still hang on to the tickets. I spend extra time in the mirror until Michael starts beeping the car horn. I run down stairs, grab a apple, and kiss my mom on the cheek with a good bye and run out the door along with my book bag.

  "What took you so long?" Michael asks speeding down the street.

    "He was probably making sure his hair was perfect for Holly," Calum chimed in.

  " No," I say even though that's a complete lie.

  "Then what was it?" Michael asks.

  " Uh extra homework I forgot to finish," I say before taking a bite of my apple.

   Michael leaves it at that and we ride to school with music playing in the background. 

   I need to finish reading Holly's journal, but I also need to give it back to her too. This can be my chance of actually getting to know Holly and what she thinks about. I can't finish reading it because there are too many entries to read in such short amount of time... I could go to the library and make copies of it...hmmm

    When we arrive at school, like every single day of the year, all eyes watch our every single move as we walk into the building to go our separate ways. I walk down to the library to make a copy of Holly's journal and once successful, I bury the copy deep down in my bag and start my day.


  It's now lunch time and everyone is either in the lunch room already or still at their lockers. So I locate Holly at her locker and approach her. With each step I take I feel my heart beat faster and faster and I take deep breathes to calm myself. Once I'm arms length away from her, I speak the first words," Hey Holly."

   She looks over at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and smiles," Hey Luke. What's up?"

  Today she is wearing her black and white converse, bright blue jeans, and a black shirt that say,'Tomorrow is a different day. Do something new.'

   "Uh," I look down at my shoes and kick the floor, but then look up into her eyes again and ask," I have two tickets to see The Neighbourhood  on Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me? Unless you don't like them or something."

   She does a big nod and says," Sure, I'll go with you. I love the Neighbourhood."

  She closes her locker and waves bye to me and I give a smile and a small wave. Once she turns around, I take a really deep breathe and let it go and raise my arms up in the air in victory.    



  I'm back! Once again, but this time in the new year of 2015! 

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