Reading "A Nobody"

Everything was normal in Collingswood Highschool. Populars with the populars. Nerds with the nerds. Outcasts with the outcasters. And so on.

But until one day, last period of the day, Holly Knight, an outcast, leaves her "Spanish notebook" in class and Luke Hemmings, a popular, picks it up, but she's already gone. But nobody knows about his long time crush on Holly Knight and since she drop her notebook this finally gives him chance to talk to her.

Until after school is when he actually finds out what is in the notebook. It's not her Spanish notes, but actually her journal hidden as a Spanish notebook. Everything to her deepest thoughts to what she likes in a guy...

Luke never thought this would be the way he'd be able to get to know Holly. But he might just use it for his advantage...

To find out what happens, find out by reading, Reading "A Nobody"


2. Concert

Luke's P.O.V.

   'I can't believe she yes' is being repeated throughout my head. I can't stop thinking about rekindling my relationship with Holly and with a little help of her journal I can achieve that.

  I arrive at Spanish class early, so I can give back her notebook by putting it on her desk, without her knowing it was me who has put it there. But when I walk into the classroom, I am greeted with a scent of...perfume? 

   Usually this room, out of all the classrooms in this school, smells like feet, but today is the scent of perfume. I look over to Ms.Karber's desk to see her staring, in a dream-like state, at a rose that lays vertically on her desk. She's too distracted to even notice me walk in the room, so I just continue to walk and place Holly's notebook on her desk. By the time I sit down people start flowing into the room in groups.

  When Holly walks into the room, instead of her usual routine of just going to her seat to sit down and not talking to anyone, she smiles at me and waves. I smile back at her and wave back to her as my stomach does a flip. 



  During today's lesson, Ms.Karber is dazed and just gives us a worksheet to work on while she at her desk smiling and still looking at the rose. This is not her, she usually is really strict with her time and likes no one to be messing around, but at the same time she actually doesn't care about her work and has monotone voice. But today her voice sounded like it had a little life added to it and she was actually smiling...crazy.

   Most of the class saw this, like I did, and took advantage of it. We made our own rules today and decided to work with partners or should I say "work" with partners. It was actually more talking and fooling around than anything. So I took the chance and went to go sit with Holly.

   " Hey Holly," I greet sliding into the chair.

   " Hey Luke," she replies with a smile," It's pretty weird seeing Ms.Karber like this. Do you think someone might of slipped something in her coffee or something..."

   I shake my head saying," Nah I think someone would put a laxative in her coffee if they ever would want to slip her something."

   Holly start to laugh and I realize how much I missed her sweet voice when laughing.

   " But to be serious I was thinking that too...yesterday. When I was about to leave the classroom, she told me to hurry up because she had a date and I guess the date went well," I say looking up front at her to see her in the same position as the last time I've checked.

    "Maybe she'll be like this everyday if she were to get married. Imagine how amazing that would be," she gazed up at me with daydreaming eyes," Less homework or none at all, free time like this, and we can probably leave earlier than usual."

   "Yeah that would be amazing," I say smiling but not because of the ideas she came up with but because she looks adorable when she daydreams.

  "Well just to be sure that this isn't all going to be over by tomorrow, I think it would be wise to do the worksheet just in case. We never know, this could be a one time thing," she says suspiciously while squinting her eyes.

  I agree with her and we start doing our work which wasn't hard, so we finished in no time. There was only about 10 minutes left of class left, but people made up excuses and just left to go to their lockers early. There was one girl who asked to go to the bathroom 20 minutes into the class when it started and she never came back, making it obvious that she had most likely left school already and Ms.Karber didn't care.

  Soon enough people just start leaving without saying anything and that's what Holly and I decide to do when we realize we are the only ones left in the classroom. 

   During our comfortable silence we rest upon, Holly asks," So are we still up for Saturday to see The Neighbourhood?"

    "Yup," I answer bobbing my head up and down. 

   "Cool. Do you still remember where I live?"

   I nod my head and smile," I'll pick you up around 6pm since the concert starts at 7. We can probably go for a coffee or snack before the show."

     "Okay, sounds awesome. I can't wait for tonight! Thank you Luke," she says as she opens her arms wide, wraps them around my torso, and squeezes so hard that I think I heard my back crack. But at that point I knew I was smiling wide and blushing.

   " You're welcome," I reply then taking my arm from her tight grip, I pat her head and look down at her to see her smiling with her eyes closed while still holding on to me as if her life depended on it.

   Then the bell echoes throughout the hallways and I know that now we will have to separate. Holly lets go and looks up to me and says," Bye Luke. See you later tonight."

   "Bye," I say and wave nervously, cautious of my colored cheeks, but she turns quickly to disappear into many creations of crowds that were starting to be created as teachers let their students out of class.

   I scratch the back of my neck and walk to my locker to drop off all my books. Afterwards I walk out of the school to find my friends waiting by Michael's car.

  I feeling as if I'm on top of the world and nothing could bring me down.



     I check myself once again in the mirror, occasionally moving a strand of hair and then moving it back or keeping it if it looks nice. I chose a casual outfit;a flannel shirt, a snap back on backwards, black jeans with black converse shoes.

     I finish my self grooming and start checking all of my pockets to make sure I had everything because I don't want this night to luck out. I shuffle downstairs and yell to my mom, " I'm borrowing the car to go to a concert tonight with Holly! I'll be back before 11 !"

    I quickly grab the keys and leave, as I'm closing the door my mom yells, " Wait Holly-" But I knew what were to happen if I did stay to talk with her, I would be there for hours, miss the concert, and ditch Holly which I didn't want to do. I hurry to the car and start up the engine to hear it roar up to life. I pull out the drive way and head over to Holly's house.


   Once upon arriving there, I shut off the car and look at the time which is 6:23pm and  I look up at Holly's house. It was the same as how it's been since I was little. Painted a cargo blue color, medium in size, and they also still had the hand made swing tied to the tree.

   I get out of the car and take a deep breath, trying to cool my nerves, and smooth out my shirt then I soon start walking up the walk way. 

    I raise my hand and knock on the door, soon as I hear foot steps coming to door the butterflies in my stomach evolves into huge wing-spanned eagles. I take a deep breath and close my eyes as the door knob turns and the door opens. I open my eyes and at first I don't see anyone then I look down to find a little girl that is at the height of my hip bone, which I guess is Riley, Holly's little sister. She is wearing a huge black jacket, with baggy blue jeans, black and white converse, and a black New York Yankees hat.

   She gives me a smug look, a head nod, and turns her head slightly and asks, "Can I get twenty bucks?"

   I give a confused look and ask, "What?"

    She extends her hand facing up and gives me a bored look, " I need twenty bucks, are you going to give it to me or not?"

    "No?" I say un-confidently.

  "Dad!" She yells, rolls her eyes, and walks away.

    "Yes honey?" Mr.Knight yells replies back and comes from the kitchen from down the end of the hall, and walks toward me. He has definitely aged over the years, but I know he had it hard after their mom died.

  "Holly told me that you would be over. I'm sorry about that, Riley is just upset she can't get twenty dollars from anyone. Well it's been years since I've seen you, you've grown up so much. You're just as tall as me now. Come inside," He says with a wave of his hand and starts walking to the kitchen.

     I follow him into the kitchen to see him making dinner. I lean against the door and ask," So how's everything?"

   He turns around to a big soup pot on the stove and starts to stir with a ladle," Well things are...something. You know how girls are with everything, but most of all it's been great."

    Mr.Knight lifts up the ladle and takes a sip of the steamy soup and then he gets another helping in the ladle and comes over to me and says," Taste it. It's better to know if someone besides me actually likes it because if you like it, then my daughters will like it ."

    I take a sip of the soup and smack my lips a bit to see is missing and then I say," Maybe add a little bit more salt and it will be perfect."

  "Okay," Mr.Knight says turns around to go right back the soup but then he turns around again and say," Luke I've known you since you were a baby and I know to trust you with my daughter Holly, but I'd still like to lay down the rules just like any other boy who stumbles in here wishing to date one of my daughters and I will not be as tough as I am  with other boys that I don't know. So don't try and take advantage of this because I will ban you from ever seeing my daughter again or even having to go far as banning you off our property. So first rule is curfew is at 12, no later. No sex, even if both of you are safe because even if something does happen, like a pregnancy, it can prevent you from doing so many things in life and it would be hard to go to college, work, AND take care of a baby. And if it does happen, you are going to support that child no matter what, do not ever abandon my daughter or my child.  No sneaking in this house late at night either, just ask me if you want to come over. Lastly I just want for you to keep my daughter safe and protect her."

  I give him a confident stare directly in his eyes and hold out my hand for him to shake and in which he does and gives me a man hug. He gets back to his soup, adds a dash of salt, and gives it another taste test and confesses,"Hmm you were right, it's delicious."

   I see something moving at the corner of my eye and see Holly standing there next to me with her arms crossed across her chest and asks," So did he give you the rules?"

  I nod my head and say," Yup."

   " Huh I'm surprised you actually stayed. In the past, all of the other boys I was about to go on a date with were totally freaked out by my dad and never called back or never talked to me ever again."

   " What can I say, I guess they weren't real men if they can't handle the father giving them simple talk," Mr.Knight says shrugging his shoulders while looking over the pot of soup. But my bet was that he was smiling and he was trying to hide it.

     " Whatever, I know you did something to scare them away," she replies and then she turns to me. This is when I notice her outfit; she was wearing a sundress and her usual converse. It wasn't everyday I had gotten to see Holly in a dress because she only wore them for special advents. The reason for that is because she feels uncomfortable in them and prefers anything other than dresses, but personally I think she looks really adorable in a dresses.

  I also notice her hair is no longer her normal straight hair but it was now curled and she was wearing a bit of lip gloss.

   " You look..." I say not quite finding the correct word.

   " Amazing," she says then looks down to the ground," Laura insisted she would do everything. That's the only reason I'm in this stupid dress. Plus she kept saying I looked 'AMAZING'."

   " Well I love the dress, you look cute," I admit.

    She tilts her head further down towards the ground trying to hide her blush but I still have little view of her face. She playfully slaps me on the shoulder and mumbles," Shut up."

  I smile and look up to see we have an audience of Mr.Knight, Riley, and I guess her sister Laura who are watching us intensely and have the look of 'awe' in their eyes. Holly soon looks up and sees them too, soon she has two emotions evident those two of which are anger and embarrassment. She says," What are you guys looking at, geez.... Well we'll be leaving now."

  She wraps her arm around my arm and pulls me to the front door and all the way to my car. I pull out my keys, unlock the car and walk over to the passenger side of the car to open the door for Holly then close it to get in my side of the car and turn on the engine. We start heading on our way to the concert when Holly blurts out," I'm sorry. That was so embarrassing. My family are weirdos."

   " No it wasn't, plus it's better to have a weird family than having a boring one," I say taking a couple of glances at her while driving.

  " True," she agrees while nodding her head.


    When the concert is over, we stop at a diner to eat some food. 

  "What would you guys like to order tonight?" asked the peppy waitress.

   I let Holly order first.

   " I would like a cheeseburger with a side of fries."

   " And what would you like sir?"

    " I will have a double cheeseburger with a side of fries. And together we want a large milkshake with two straws please."

     The waitress gives a brightening smile and says," Yours orders with be out soon!"

  Once the waitress is gone, we talk about how much we each enjoyed the concert and our favorite songs. Soon we move the talk onto family.

   " I know this is probably personal and you don't have to tell me if you don't want to but I was wondering...whatever uh happened to uh James, your brother?"

    " Oh wait! I forgot that I never told you, you must be so confused. It's fine that you ask that question. Well probably two to three years after we stopped talking, James had came out to us about the way he felt about himself. He didn't feel comfortable identifying himself as a male and never had, he always felt that he was a female just in the wrong body and with wrong information. So after the year he graduated, he spent a year working and saving his money until he had enough for surgery to change and stuff. Now Laura has started college with a new identity and body and has made many new friends."

    " So what's she studying?" 

   " I'm pretty sure she's studying to be a make up artist and fashion designer."

  " That's cool," just as I say that our food arrives.

    We first dig into our burgers and fries and finish them off before holding our very own contest with the milkshake.

     Holly explains the rules," Okay we have to try and drink this milkshake without smiling and looking each other directly into each other eyes. Whoever breaks away the most for non-brain freeze reasons, is the loser and has to pay the bill."

   "Are you sure you want to do this?" I ask smiling but inside I already decided I am going to pay the bill no matter what.

   "Yup. I do this all the time with Riley and I usually win," she says getting her straw ready.

   With a smile on my face I sigh and say," Okay if you say so."

     I take my straw out my wrapper and we both put our straws in the milkshake. Holly counts off with her fingers while looking me straight in the eye with no expression and soon as she gets to one, we start sipping. After about 30 seconds of sipping with occasional breaks from brain freeze, I start doing weird things with my eyes to make her laugh. I cross my eyes and Holly looks like she about to take a break to laugh, but she doesn't. Then I uncross my eyes and start to make my eyebrows dance, and that's when she loses it. She takes a break to start laughing, "No fair you're cheating."

   I shrug my shoulders and keep drinking the milkshake.

  "Okay I see how it's going to be," Holly says with hair raising smirk. 

   I don't know what I just got myself into.

  Holly goes back to her straw and then I feel something on my left side of my abdomen, the next thing I know, I break away from the straw laughing with Holly tickling me. Long story short she found my tickle spot when I was younger.

   She stops tickling me and I get back to my straw to decide on my next technique. Trying to be a casual as can be, I slide my hand on the table and make a swift move to touch her neck because she hates it when anything touches her neck. And she cringes away from her straw and I take my hand away from her neck. But before she could get back to her straw, I slurp the last of the milkshake.

    " I win," I say wriggling my eyebrows.

   " Well you cheated," Holly defends.

    " And so did you," I reply smiling.

    "Ugh!" Holly groans putting her head on the table.

      I slide the check over and I take out my wallet to place down the amount of money that needs to be payed and a little extra for tip.

    " Don't worry, I got it. I wanted to pay from the beginning of this competition," I smile at Holly in which she smiles right back at me.

    We get up to leave and as we are walking to my car, hand in hand, Holly points out a very quick stream of light in the sky, a shooting star.

    She bites her lip and whispers, "Make a wish."

   I close my eyes and wish upon the star.

    I wish not to ever lose you again Holly Knight.


# A/N #

    Awe wasn't that sweet...I'm sorry it took me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to finish. But I have decided to take a break from this story to hopefully write other stories, but I will probably still have updates for this story just not as frequently. So don't give up fully on this story just yet, I just need a...break, for a bit.

 I just feel bad.

   Don't forget to check out my other story, A Living Nightmare

   See you soon

  P.S. I'm LOVING She's Kind Of Hot!


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