Bad girls go to hell

she was reckless she didn't give a shit. she was complicated and hard to get along that was why she changed school to many times but this was her last change. Zachary liked the good and nice kind of girls, like who wouldn't. but Rebecca was everything he though he wouldn't want to get involved but like they say opposite attracts.


1. Rebecca



the halls went silent as she stepped in. my mouth dropped. girl with long black hair and black clothes walked in. she was beautiful i wasn't going to lie. i she had few tattoos in her arm and waist and how could i see her waist? well she was wearing crop top what only covered her breasts nothing more and there were text what read "Kill 'em". she had belly button ring what had pentagram logo on it. who was this girl. she had black leather high heels and leather leggings what couldn't be any tighter than they were. she had black leather jacket and she was eating gum and looked really bored as she raised her eye brows to few staring students. she walked past me and my gang. "hey boys." she purred and winked smiling wickedly. everyone drooled. i would be lying if i told that i wasn't she was hot. but totally not my type.not at all. i walked into math class and saw her there she was sitting on seat and looking into no where.she was sitting on Barbara's seat what would mean death cause she was the wanna be Queen B but i think she wouldn't be afraid of Barbara. Barbara would be scared of her. "what the hell do you think you are doing." Barbara asked glaring the girl who sat on her seat. she slowly turned her head to Barbara. "excuse me?" she asked. "you have five seconds to get out of my seat." Barbara said. the girl just let sarcastic laugh. "or what?" she asked. "i will ruin you." Barbara said. "and how?" she asked smirking. "i will make your life living hell." Barbara. "woah, slow down. lets make something clear. you don't boss me around, i'm not your bitch.i won't do anything to you cause, you clearly don't know me and i will let you go this time,but if you jump to my face again. i will make sure they cut your pretty blond hair and maybe burn you there and there." she said poking Barbara's shoulders. "just remember one thing,DON'T MESS WITH ME or you will end up...hmmmm Dead?" she asked her self smiling wickedly. Barbara looked like she had shitted in her pants. "Nice to meet you, I'm Rebecca,now get the fuck out of my face" she smiled to Barbara and sat back down. "you should hear how she scared her." Tom laugh as we sat in canteen. "that girl is so cool." Felix said. everyone was talking about her and how cool she was. when she walked in to canteen everyone stopped talking and just stared her. she raised her eye brows and rolled her eyes. she looked around like she was searching someone. then she smiled little and walked straight to Max Walters table. "well shit,what ever." Felix groaned. and Tom just shook his head. let me tell you something about Max. well he is nothing but bad news. no one don't want to get involved with him,not even teachers only polices. soon school ended i walked out the school with Felix and Tom and saw Rebecca in front of Max's car smoking with Max and his gang. 


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