Walking On The Broken Dreams

"I always thought that my life is a living hell. A life that not even a single soul can have. But then, I was wrong. After all of the bullying and abusing I realized that we have to respect our lives, that is why I'm saving you,



4. Chapter 4

Diary 4

'I can't tell my father that I've been hanging out with you... if I did, he will skin you alive.. and I don't want that.... You're my only friend for now..'


Arthur raised his eyebrows after Elisa leaved. Yes, he had seen everything.
The way her eyes widened, the way she begin to stuttering, the way she had that fake smile, and the way she leaves by running. Yes he know, that something isn't right. Arthur looked at the sunset. Yes, everyone had their own problems, even he did.
The boy stood up from his seat and then drag his feet on the way to his home.
Arthur had 3 big brothers. They had lived peacefully until the day where everything changed..
He opened his house- mansion door and opened it slowly. Something in his mind told him not to opened the front door. But he ignored it.
He knocked on the door and waited. A few seconds later, his step mother came into his view. Her face showed madness and she grabbed his wrist forcefully, earning a flinch from the boy. His step mother or what we call, Florence closed the door and then faced his step-son.

"Where were you from?" She hissed, her voice filled with venom.

But Arthur only yanked his wrist back and glared at her.
"It's non of your concern!" He yelled, and soon coughed lightly. The boy took out his oxygen mask and placed it at his mouth as he walked up to the stairs. Her step-mom that just recover from the shock grabbed his wrist and dragged him to his front bedroom door. Arthur managed to say 'ouch!' and stopped it but his step-mother didn't give a shit.

She opened the door and then grabbed Arthur's oxygen mask. After that, she throw him inside, making him land on the floor, coughing out blood a little. But his face did not waver. His glare still painted at his face.

"Listen you little piece of sh*t! I want to be your father's wife not for be a babysitter for you and your bratty brothers, but for money! And if you ever thinking of telling this to your father, you b*tch, I'll make sure you wouldn't be able to speak again!" With that Florence slammed the door shut, leaving Arthur on the floor.

Arthur winced in pain and struggled to stood up. He went to his drawer and opened it. There, he kept his money. After he counted, it reached $300. He smiled but soon coughed again. Now, he would be able to escape and go to Spain, away from his family. Even in his condition, he still working- forced by his step-mother.
But, he want to ask Elisa to go with him. He knew that she is the same with him, she felt the hell he's been through. He can see it from her eyes.



That's what entered my mind in the morning. I'm in still my yesterday clothes and I'm on the floor. My mind went back to yesterday. Seems like my father hasn't came back from whatever he did, because the lights are off. Now I begin to think about Arthur's words.

"How about we go together?"
"I would like to go to Spain and France too!"

I re-think about that. What if I can go with him? Well, that's a great idea. I smiled; and stood up slowly, walking upstairs with my feet still like Jell-O. I opened my drawer and found my wallet, where I have been working (and passing these weeks). My work isn't big. I'm just a singer in a little cafe. But the prize is quite amazing. I opened it and found $200. Now this will be good. I just have to ask Arthur about that, and then we can go together, away from these problems.

Yeah, that's right.

See You Next Chapter!

"You can't run away from your problems, from your life. But you can only fix it, make it better."


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