Walking On The Broken Dreams

"I always thought that my life is a living hell. A life that not even a single soul can have. But then, I was wrong. After all of the bullying and abusing I realized that we have to respect our lives, that is why I'm saving you,



3. Chapter 3

Diary 3

'I remember the day where we eat the ice-cream together. The warm sun shined upon us, as the same as my warm heart. I don't even remember about my days when I'm with you. Is it what we call friends?'


"Hahaha! Seriously, you dump the rotten cheese in your friend's milk?" Arthur laughed loudly, earning glances from other people around us. I followed his laugh, enjoying this moment. I learned that his full name is Arthur Nightgale. And he loves mint. Everything minty. Arthur licked his ice-cream one more time, enjoying the mint flavoured ice in his mouth. We were just talking about how I want to prepared pasta for my friend, Lily, that had her birthday on that day. I want to put the cheese on the top of the pasta, but I found it rotten. I throw it away but realized that I had put it accidentaly in her milk.

It's one of the good days before she'd died from leukemia.

"What about the country that you want to visit to?" Arthur's voice brought me to reality. I 'hmm-ed' for a moment before smiled.

"Spain and France." Arthur grinned widely at my answer and he nodded.

"I want to go there too! The country's really great! A-although I know... it's impossible.." His expression darkened whle he whispered the last part. His smile has already turned upside down. I heard it, and I want to ask it, but I think I'll let it pass for a moment.
Arthur had that look of thought for a moment before he coughed lightly, and patted his chest to stop it. Luckily, not like the last time, it stopped.

What's wrong with him?

Before I could opened my mouth, his voice was heard,

"How about we go together, I mean, my father can afford the prize but-..." He paused. I thought for a moment. But what about my father? I mean he is a bad father, but he's still MY father! I look at Arthur who had silenced. I know his bright voice the last time was a fake. I used to do that. A lot. Arthur looked distand for a moment before sighing sadly. I noticed this and held his shoulder gently.

"Hey.... what's wrong?" He look at me in the eye and then, I realized that his frown still painted on his face.
A couple minutes of silence later, Arthur finally opened his mouth.

"E-Elisa... I'm going to honest with you, alright? But you have to promised me to always be my friend, okay?" My heart fluttered when he said 'friend', but I push it off. I nodded and smiled. The blonde sighed before running his hand through his hair.

"I... I had cancer. A lung cancer." My heart stopped when he said that. T-That'll explain the coughes and the oxygen mask! I look at Arthur's eyes, and his eyes held sadness. I smiled fakely, and wrap my pinkies around him.

"I promised always to be your friend."


I gulped nervously at my front porch. After that moment, Arthur asked me to walk around the park. We tell each other together, until I realized it's already 5 pm, and my father's already home. Of course this is the school day, but my father goes home at 3 pm. I opened the front door slowly, and I immediately see my father's mad expression.

"Where are you from, child?" He keep his tone calm, but I heard venoms in every word. Everytime I came home late, my father will always call me child. Not Elisa, not slut, not bitch. I flinched at his tone and when I didn't answer, he grabbed my wrist tightly, closing the door behind me and pushed me into the wall.

"WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!" He screamed, and I still not said any words. My father took his belt before slapping me with it a couple of times.

"WHERE DID YOU GO?!" He yelled at me, but I still don't want to say any word. If I told my father about Arthur, he'll search for him and will punch the gut out of him. After got no answer but silence, my father kick me in the stomach and I whimpered. My father breath heavily before throwing the belt away, grabbed his coat and opened the door.

"Fine. Don't tell me. But I will be back, child." he locked the door, and when I heard his car pulled away, I sobbed quietly and dragged myself to bed. I curled into a ball and cried. Good thing my father never rapes me. I'm scared.

I'm scared...

See you next time!

“But just because you bury something, that doesn’t mean it stops existing.”
― Jenny Han


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