Walking On The Broken Dreams

"I always thought that my life is a living hell. A life that not even a single soul can have. But then, I was wrong. After all of the bullying and abusing I realized that we have to respect our lives, that is why I'm saving you,



2. Chapter 2

Diary 2






'I thought my life would always be a living hell, but then again, I was wrong.'







The next day...



Good thing that my father didn't hurt me yesterday.

Whoever that got into his mind, bless him/her!

I put my headphones on and continued on my walk to the school. I never get the bus because, well, I did get the bus once but the results are bad -they put a prank on me. Like, stick my butt with a gum or 'accidentaly' throw my book outside.

Until now, the truth is, I don't understand why they always bully me. I mean -I never did anything wrong. Well, they said -making stories and songs are wrong. I never understand though. They-


"Ouch!" I grunted, falling to the ground in process. I look up and see one of the big bullies, Jared smiled devilishly to me.


O-oh... This is not gonna be good.


"Hey fuck ass, what are you doing here? I see you're in your unicorn world again huh?!" He made a flying gesture and laughed loudly at his own jock. I Wipe my blue jeans off and shut my songs. I released my headphones and glared at them.


"What do you want, Jared?" I tried to speak bravely but shakiness can still be heard. The blonde boy with his other two friends laughed and smirked.

"Oh? The cat finally got her sense huh?!" With a big push, I fell down one more time with Jared toweriug over me. You probably wondering why there is no one that try to save me. You see, to get from my house to school, I have to walk in an ally as a shortcut. Usually no one ever found me, but this one did.

Jared raised his fist and tried to punch me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact but it never came. i opened my eyes and found myself behind a boy with blonde hair and blue shirt with baggy green pants. The boy is like the same age as me and he's holding Jared's fist in his.


"Did your mother ever teach you not to hit a girl?" His voice is dangerous and deep. The boy twisted Jared's fist and I swear I heard a bone crack as Jared screamed. The boy pushed Jared down and instantly, the big guy fall, holding his right wrist in pain. Then, he stuttered to stand and turned around, preparing to break into a run. Before he did, he and his other two friends send him and me a dark glare, yelling a "fuck you!". The boy didn't react and just look at him as he run by. After the bully's out of sight, the boy turned to me and smiled slightly. He gave me his hand and I take it.


"Are you okay?" His voice is lighter by now and it's full of concern.

I nodded and he grinned, showing his white teeth.

"Great! My name is Arthur! And you?" He shake his hand with me and I smiled.


"My name is Elisa." Arthur closed his forest-green eyes and cast me a lop-sided grin before he begin to cough his lungs out. My smile turned into a worried mask, and I patted him gently in the back.

"Are you okay?" I asked him slowly before he took out an oxygen mask and breath into it a couple times. After a second or two, he finally take it off and took a deep breath.

"Hey, you asked the same question as I did!" He exclaimed cheerfully but in his voice, there's still a slight of pain and a weak smile went into his face and he exhaled and inhaled more slowly with his hand on his chest.

After a few minutes, Arthur got his breathing normal again and he asked,


"Who's that big guy?" My heart sank. Oh, way to make me remember him again. I sighed heavily and rubbed my forehead.

"He...well, he's a bully in my school- the biggest one actually. He always distrubed me, shoving me deeper into that hell hole." I whispered the last part and Arthur casr me a symphatic smile.


"I-I'm sorry." It was the only thing that come out from his mouth. We were silence for a minute before Arthur grinned.


"So... care for an ice cream?"





See You Next Chapter!



"Open yourself out. Don't try to conceal it, because whenever we do, a feeling will always appear in out heart and features, cause' that what makes us a human." -Unknown



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