Walking On The Broken Dreams

"I always thought that my life is a living hell. A life that not even a single soul can have. But then, I was wrong. After all of the bullying and abusing I realized that we have to respect our lives, that is why I'm saving you,



1. Chapter 1

Diary 1






'Hello! My name is Elisa Summer. I got this diary from mama, and I hope you'll be my friend.

I always wanted a friend.'



5 years later...



The school bell rang loudly, and I'm sure that my ears are going deaf. Finally, I managed to escape from this hell hole. I smiled and closed my book, a book where I keep all of my stories, songs, and poems. I put my hoodie up and picked up my bag, walking to the locker.

Let me start with myself. My name is Elisa Summer and I'm 15 years old. I have chocolate brown -shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. I never knew why, but I'm always get bullied in school. Maybe it's because they dislike me. A lot.


Speaking of bullies, here they come.


Bella and her friends. I really want to make a book about her and her silly attitude, but I'll make the bully worse.

"Hey slut! What are you doing here?!" She pointed to me with her long manicured fingers and her cake make up. I looked up and glared at the blonde girl in front of me.

"Go away Bella." I growled and Bella laughed in her high- pitched voice. Her friends, Josephine and Felicia laughed too, following her figure. After a while, he made a thinking noise and put her hands under her chin.

"Hmm... How about, no?" She smirked, and pushed me to the muddy ground, making my jeans dirty. She laughed one more time before flipping her golden hair and wave at me.


"See you tomorrow, slut."






After that incident with Bella and her friends, I walk to my house, that's probably so far away from my school. And look, karma just laughed at me. He hide the sun and replaced it by droplets of water from the sky. I huffed and grumbled in annoyance.


Great. Just great.


I walked to my house, my converse making a squishing sound and I'm wet from head to toe. If you're wondering that 'why just don't end your life?' believe me, I tried it once, but my friend that died from leukemia saved me. And before she died, I promised her that I will never give up on my life. I look at my watch and my hazel eyes widened. Oh, God.

I spent the more half-hour running, trying not to fall from the slippery ground. O-oh. My father will be mad.

I look that his car had arrived, and I pray silently to the God that he will not abuse me. I open up the door, and looked in. Hmm... the lights are off. The door make a 'creeaakk' noise and I flinched. Dang it.

I tip-toed to the stairs, trying to be unnoticed. I smiled knowing that my father doesn't know I'm here.


"Where are you from, child?" I flinched and turned back, only to be faced with my father's angry face and I gulped.

"I..I'm tutoring someone...T-The teached asked me to do it..." I whispered shakily, and suddenly my knees feel weak, but because of the stair case, I managed to stopped myself from falling. My father scanned my eyes, trying to search for any lies. But thankfully, he didn't.


"Hmph. Fine. But next time, be late and you'll pay for it." He cast me a glance before wearing his jacket and went out from the house. After a minute or two, I sighed in relief.



Thank God my father didn't hit me tonight.





See You Next Chapter!



"Be happy. It's one way of being wise." -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette


Author's Note:

Hello! Thank you for you all who read this story, and I hope you all keep readin'! Also don't forget to give feedback, comments, like, and others!


Thank you!

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