Calum The YouTuber

Isabella is a famous youtuber with 3 million subscribers! But is she famous enough for her love, Calum Hood? She'll figure it out when she goes to Vidcon, to meet some fans and have fun with her fellow youtubers. But when Calum gets in line to her autograph, sparks start to fly. But is there a secret that Calum is keeping from Isabella?


2. Vidcon

Isabella's POV

When we got to the hotel room in Los Angeles, we dropped our bags and freshened up from the long plane ride. "I can't believe we sat in a dirty plane seat for 17 hours." Cat said, putting lotion on her face. "Yeah, I'm gonna get really jet lagged. I think I already am." I complained, feeling my eyes getting heavier by the minute. "Okay, I need to take a shower now." I excused her to the room. After I took a shower, I got dressed and put makeup on. I took out my vlogging camera to update the "isapugs" as what I call the fans. "Hey guys! It's Isabella! So I'm in Los Angeles, for Vidcon, and I'll be here for about two weeks, which means the video schedule will not be the same. Don't worry, I will still be trying my best to upload, but the Friday specials and random videos might be a bit late." I remembered one more thing that I need to tell the isapugs. "Almost forgot! I'm going to be making a music video with Bethany Mota! So don't forget to check out her channel, as it will be in the description below, so yeah! That's about it! Bye isapugs and don't forget to slap that like button with your nose!" I waved to the camera and turned it off. I love making videos, they are so much fun. "Hey, Cat! When do we have to go to Vidcon?" I asked. "Tomorrow morning we will have to leave at 8:30 AM!" I heard Cat shout from the bathroom. "Okay! I have an idea! Let's go to town and chill out, and maybe we will get to see some isapugs and kitty-cats!" I said, referring to our fans. We don't like to call them fans, because we aren't famous, and they are like family to us. Cat uses the word kitty cats, and I use the word isapug, and it's awesome! "Yeah! Sounds good to me!" Cat agreed, and I put on a backwards hat. We went to the bowling alley, and on the way there, almost everyone knew us. It was so amazing! We signed AUTOGRAPHS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! We never expected to be that special, and we still aren't. People took pictures, and gave us gifts! They are all so kind and supportive, and everyone in the YouTube community appreciates them so much. We couldn't drink, because one, we are underaged, and two, we have to go to Vidcon tomorrow, and three, it makes me feel dirty and I'm scared that one of my sweet little isapugs will see and loose faith in me as the person I am. Also, Connor pointed out that I'm a good girl. So we went to dinner and then crashed at our hotel room.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, signaling that it was 7:15 and it was time to get ready for the big day ahead of us. I moaned and got up. I threw a pillow at Cat's face and she groaned. "Come on! We have to go to Vidcon, if you can't remember." I pointed out to Cat which raised her energy by 200%. I can't wait to meet my kitty cats and other youtubers like us!!! Is Dan and Phil coming with us?" Cat asked. Dan and Phil are youtubers who love next door to us on our apartment. Their YouTube names are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. "Yup! They are staying downstairs right?" I asked and Cat nodded. "Okay. I'm going to take a shower and then we will get going!" "Okie dokey! Wait! I need to take a shower too! I'll just use it after you okay?" Cat asked. I nodded and took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth and gave her the bathroom. The doorbell rang so I ran to the door to see Dan and Phil standing in front of the door. "Hi Isabella! How's it going?" Phil asked. "I'm great! You are not exploding yet from Dan, right?" I asked and he laughed. "Maybe soon. He takes really really long showers." Phil laughed. I have a feeling that Dan and Cat have feelings for each other, because they are always giggling with each other and they sometimes decide to hang out with each other without me and Phil. It's kinda weird, because Cat has dyed red hair and a lip ring, and Dan just has plain brown hair and no piercings. It's kinda funny and cute at the same time. "Okay, Cat! You ready?" I asked her and she nodded with glee. "To Vidcon we go!" Dan said and we paraded to the car and drove to Vidcon. "Everyone have their vlogging cameras?" Cat asked and we picked ours up and proved that we did. Once we got there, a lady came and gave us instructions of where to go. So we went backstage to meet some other youtuber friends of ours like Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa, Bethany Mota, Ian and Anthony from Smosh, and Connor Franta. "Hey guys!" Phil shouted and they turned around to greet us. "Hey y'all!" Tyler shouted. "Helloianya!" Joey exclaimed. "Hi lovelies great to see you!" Bethany shouted. "Hii!" The guys from Smosh yelled. "Hi." Connor said quietly. I walked up to Connor because he isn't always that quiet. "What's wrong?" I asked and Conner just shook his head and explained "I'm just nervous." "Well if it makes you feel better, so am I." I told Conner and we shared a smile. "Okay guys you are going in to make a presentation and then meet the fans now!" The lady who guided me to the backstage area said as we all nodded with excitement. We all grabbed out our vlogging cameras and phones to vlog our adventures. The lady held out her fingers to show how long we had. Five fingers, four fingers, three fingers, two fingers, one finger and we all got going out to the stage to hear screaming fans and we turned our cameras on to show the camera the crowd. "Hey guys! I'm Connor Franta!" Screaming fans. "Hey y'all I'm Tyler Oakley!" More screaming. "Hello there people of the internet I'm Dan Howell also known as danisnotonfire!" Even more screaming. "Hey guys I'm Phil Lester or AmazingPhil!" Even MORE screaming. "Hii! We are Ian and Anthony from Smosh!" You get the point, people's throats were bleeding. "Hey I'm Bethany Mota!" Bethany smiled. "Hii my kitty cats! I'm Cat!" Cat bowed and laughed at how dorky she is. Then it was my turn and my heart started to beat a mile a minute. "Hello my isapugs! I am Isabella!" And for some reason, people screamed even louder. A lady explained how meeting us is going to work, and then we got started!


It has been literally six hours ever since we started this and I think I was about to pass out. There were 15 people left in line and we were all so tired, but we got more energized for the fans. I took pictures, signed autographs and received gifts from all of them, which is amazing, until the very last one, which I almost fainted seeing. 5 Seconds of Summer, were standing right there. "Hi Isabella! We love your videos!" Luke said with enthusiasm. "I-uh, Thank you! I love your videos too! I um, I mean music!" I said, blushing of embarrassment. Right next to me, Cat started cracking up at how nervous I was. "Sorry boys, Isabella is being a fail today. So, I'll speak for her. She loves your music so much, and she thinks you guys are awesome! Also...ahem, she likes Calum." Cat mumbled that last part. I elbowed her, but was relieved that none of the boys heard that. Cat is very playful, and childish, and immature. But I still love her. "Hey, so do you wanna get coffee?" Calum asked, and I nodded. I'm going for coffee with 5 Seconds of Summer. I am going to hang out with them. My dream is coming true....

Hi guys, Nicole here! Okay so I'm trying to figure out if Cat should start dating Luke, or Ashton. Michael is going to have to wait, I'm sorry baby. But, give me some new character ideas and keep reading, because this is going to get better! Bye lovelies!!!!

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