Calum The YouTuber

Isabella is a famous youtuber with 3 million subscribers! But is she famous enough for her love, Calum Hood? She'll figure it out when she goes to Vidcon, to meet some fans and have fun with her fellow youtubers. But when Calum gets in line to her autograph, sparks start to fly. But is there a secret that Calum is keeping from Isabella?


1. My YouTube Channel and I

Hi, I'm Isabella Hendrickson. I'm a youtuber. I make YouTube videos for a living and I have 3,000,000 subscribers! It's really amazing to have so much support and I go to Vidcon and stuff and my best friend is Connor Franta. He's a great friend to have. But we aren't really into each other. We are just friends as far as I know. I'm really crushing on this guy Calum Hood, but he's too famous for me. I'm 18 years old, so I'm an adult, free to do anything without a parent or guardian. I got ready, turned the camera on to make a YouTube video, and got started. "Hey, what's up you guys it's da Izzy Izzy! Hold on. Did I just say Izzy Izzy? Wow okay, let me do this again. Hey guys it's Isabella here for another Friday video! So inspired by Pewdiepie we are going to do Is Does Everything! Okay, here is one. 'Call Connor and tell him that you are pregnant.' Oh god okay he's gonna flip let's do this." I dialed Connor's number and he answered. "Hello?" Connor asked. "Hey, Connor, I have something to tell you. I figured out today that I'm pregnant." I said and I could tell his eyes widened. "Woah, woah woah. What?! With who? Isabella I swear to god if you are pranking me." He said and I laughed so hard that I actually snorted. "Say hi to the viewers, Connor!" I said, and he sighed. "F**k you Isabella you scared me half to death!" And I laughed so hard again. "Yeah I know you're welcome." I chuckled. "Yeah I was thinking, 'Oh crap. This girl is too young!' And then I figured that you were pranking me because you are too good" he said and I smirked at the camera. "That's right. Okay, thanks Connor! Bye!" I said and hung up. I looked at the camera. "Okay that's all we have time for for today but thank you for watching and don't forget to slap that like button with your nose and subscribe to become an isapug today! Bye!" I said, thinking of Skydoesminecraft. I turned the camera off and sighed. It's not always easy, you know, editing for hours, coming up with new video ideas, advertising. It's all quite difficult, but it's worth it. I have so many fans out there in the world and soon I'm going to Vidcon! And I heard, that 5 Seconds of Summer just might be there! I'm not really a fangirl, because I'm a youtuber. I have my OWN fans to worry about. I live with my roommate, who is also a youtuber, and her name is Cat. No, not the animal cat, but that's her nickname. She gets mad when people say her full name, so I'm sorry but I can't tell you. "Cat!" I called. "What's up?" She said entering my room. "Did you see my laptop charger anywhere? I can't seem to find it." I said. "Oh, if you're going to edit your video you can just use my editor!" She suggested. "Thanks a lot, you're a life saver." I thanked her, and she grinned. "It's my specialty, plus, I know you very well to loose things." She said and I stared at her, pretending to be offended. "I forgot, where is Vidcon also?" I asked her. "See, you always loose things! Like memory for instance!" She pointed out, and we laughed. We're such amazing friends, Cat and I. We almost always do YouTube videos together, and we go almost everywhere with each other. "Vidcon is in Los Angeles, by the way." She said. "I can't wait for us to leave to paradise!" I clapped my hands and exclaimed excitedly. "Sometimes I wonder if I'm sharing a place with a five year old." She said, and I laugh. We are the same age, but I'm older in months. "Come on now! Get packing! We leave tomorrow, so you better be ready to leave London all the way to the US!" She said. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that we are British. So yeah, it's very hard to understand my strong friendship with Connor, but he actually comes here a lot. Like, he'll come for like 2 weeks, and return in about a month. So that's how we are best friends! Also we always talk on the phone if we want to talk but neither one of us were with each other. You may think that we are dating or have a thing for each other, but we really don't. We are just friends, and that we will always be. I went to my bathroom to comb my black and blue hair. I'm so excited to meet all of my wonderful fans, but I feel the same way for 5 Seconds of Summer! I might be able to hang out with them because youtubers hang out with famous people! This will be a great trip.....

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