She stood there shocked of what this boy was capable up.She looked up into his emerald eye and he said something she could'nt understand,
'The game has just begun darling I win you do something for me.But if you win well we'll see .'
All she could think was
Why ?


1. prologue

"Are you scared Sophia. " he said like he knew me my whole life as if we were friends. "How do you my name ? And who are you and what do you want from me ? " I fired question after question at him. "Now now Sophia that would be cheating and well i just don't like it.." He said as he walk around me analyzing my figure head to toe. "Don't you worry your pretty little self about anything darling the game has only begun."He said each word with grace but something else something i could'nt understand.All i knew was this person was playing a game. A dangerous one. ---------------------------------------------- Well hope you guys liked it that just the begining ill update the real first chapter later
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