Hi, I'm Maggie

"Uncle Nash, who's this?" I ask.
"Maggie.. this is your mom."
Maggie is now thirteen, and Casey has been gone for nine years, and she can't just walk back in like nothing happened! Can she?


2. Two

"You're lucky. Both of you. I just.. I want to know who my mom is. I need to know why she left me." I sigh, dumping sprinkles onto my Superman flavored ice cream. I've gotten the flavor since I was little, all because of it's 'pretty colors', Nash says.

"Hey, you can always have my mom." Nate jokes, "She always says she wants a daughter. Besides, you are named after her." That's me. Mahogany Jennifer Anderson.. Well, actually, now I'm Mahogany Jennifer Grier-Mendes. Since my mom left me with Nash, I live with him, and he legally has custody of me. My father and my uncle have joint custody though, so I'm Maggie Grier-Mendes.

"Hey, don't be down. It's your birthday!" Skylynn smiles and prods my arm. "I know.." I attempt a weak smile. "Come on, let's take it home." Nate says. "Yours or mine?" I ask.


We walk back there, and I change into sweatpants and a t shirt, and sit on his bed. "How about you two spend the night, and we can throw you a mini birthday party?" Asks Nate. "Sure. I just need to go home to grab some clothes. Come  with?" I ask.

"Sure." We start to walk to my house, when we notice a weird car outside. "Who's here?" Nathan asks out loud, and I shrug and walk in. 

We walk in and Nash and my dad are arguing with a woman. "Nash!" They can't hear me. "Dad! Uncle Nash! DAD!" I shout and all three of them to look at me.

"Uncle Nash,  who's this?" I ask.
"Maggie.. this is your mom."





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