Hi, I'm Maggie

"Uncle Nash, who's this?" I ask.
"Maggie.. this is your mom."
Maggie is now thirteen, and Casey has been gone for nine years, and she can't just walk back in like nothing happened! Can she?


3. Three

I stay quiet for a while. "I don't understand. As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a mother." I say quietly, and Sky and Nathan walk me to my room. 

I pack my bag and walk to the living room. "I'm staying at Nathan's tonight. Bye Dad, bye Uncle Nash." I say, ignoring the woman who called herself my mother. 

"A boy? You can't let her stay the night with a boy! She's only twelve!" She shouts. I look her dead in the eye. "Thirteen."


I walk into Nathan's home, walking immediately to Mahogany, engulfing her in a hug. "What's wrong sweetheart?" She asks, stroking my hair. 

Nathan jumps in, "Her mom is back." 

I pull away enough to see Jack worriedly looking at me. "Nat, honey, we're going to Shawn's house. Lock the door. We'll be back later." Mahogany kisses my forehead as her and Jack leave. 

I sigh. "Should we call over Josh and Danny?" I ask. Josh is Jenn and Jc's son. Danny is Jack and Cali's son. Sky calls them and they're over within ten minutes, their parents all heading to my house.

We all head up to Nathan's room, helium balloons in hand, videotaping ourselves.

"Hi my name is MGM and I am thirteen years old!" I squeal, and I laugh my high pitched laugh, as everyone else laughs.

We go on like this until we run out.of helium, laughing as we all crawl into Nathan's bed.


"Alright, little miss thirteen, Despicable Me or Ride Along?" Josh asks. 

"Ride Along!" I laugh


I wake up in the bed with everyone else. We're all squished together except for Josh, who's on the floor. I lift Nathan's arm off of me, going downstairs.

I yawn and walk into the kitchen. "Hey mom." I smile at Mahogany, and she hugs me. "Hey sweetie. How'd you sleep?" Same question, every time. 

"Great." I smile. 

She hands me a plate with pancakes on it. "Alright sweetie, we need to talk. Your biological mom is going to stay with you dad and uncle for a while. I know this may be uncomfortable for you, and Jack agrees."

I raise my eyebrows quizzically. "We decided that, if you'd  like to stay with us while she's here, you can. You could stay with Nathan, or we could set up the guest room."

I grin. "I'd love to stay here. How long will I stay?" I ask. 

"Well, your mom plans on staying until she can get back on her feet. So we don't know."


Three hours later, everyone else has gone home, and Nat and I are in my room, packing my stuff to bring to his place. He throws me whatever clothes he likes, then I pack them. Then I throw him whatever else I need, and he packs that stuff.

"Mom and Dad redecorated the guest room for you." He shows me a picture and I grin. "I love it."


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