Hi, I'm Maggie

"Uncle Nash, who's this?" I ask.
"Maggie.. this is your mom."
Maggie is now thirteen, and Casey has been gone for nine years, and she can't just walk back in like nothing happened! Can she?


1. One

"Bye, Nash! Bye Dad!" I hug them both and Skylynn does the same. "Let's go." We grab our penny boards and ride down to my best friend's house, Nathan Gilinskey. I jump off my penny as it rolls into the grass, and walk up the steps. I walk in, and Jack greets us. "Hey girls, what's up?"

We high five, and I jog up to Nathan's room. I walk into him, and we both fall down. "Maggie!" He laughs and helps me up. He's shirtless. I laugh and try not to stare. "Happy birthday, loser. Believe it or not,  I made your present!" He swings an arm around my neck. "I'm shocked that you even got me a present!" I laugh and the three of us sit on  Nate's bed.

He pulls out a  scrapbook.  There's a lot of baby pictures of me. I see one where I'm  with a woman and a man. "Who are they?" I ask, confused. "I honestly don't  know.  Let's ask Mom and Dad." We all go downstairs to see  Jack and Mahogany. I was apparently named after her.

"Who are these people?" I ask. They  share a glance, and Mahogany sighs. "She deserves to know." Jack nods silently. "Your mom and her boyfriend." Mahogany says. "My mom?" They never talk about my mom.  No one does. "What happened to  her? Did she run off with him? Is he the reason why my mom isn't here?" I ask.

"No, Matt isn't with her.  In  fact, he.. He died. Shortly after,  your mom called Nash to watch you and left." Sky gives  a  small smile. "Hey,  it's okay." Nate grabs my hand. "Come on, ice cream on Sky." He laughs, picks  me up, and runs.



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